Monday, January 27, 2014

Being a mom is not a burden...

Lately I've found myself saying "my children are not a burden" or "it's not a burden to be a mom" to several people, in several circumstances.  And the more I think about it, the more I know I'm being honest. But I wonder how often my children feel like they are a burden simply because of a sinful reaction or a harsh word.

Being a momma is hard work.  It requires more of us than, I'm certain, we thought we had in us. Ever, ever. There are days of exhaustion and tears.  There are days of laughter and smiles.  And then there are days in-between.  Sometimes it's difficult to pull yourself out of the mundane, the lonely, or the chaos of any day.

Just because I feel burdened by whatever is overwhelming me, never means I should make those around me feel like they are the burden.

How often do I let out an exasperated sigh because I've been interrupted {again} for something I thought I took care of already.

How often do my eyes roll at the sound of "Moooommmmyyyy!!!"?

How often do I cross my arms when I talk with my husband or children? Indicating that I am unhappy and unwilling to show grace.

How often do I, in an overwhelming moment, shout at my child or push them away when I need to be gentle and loving instead?

How often to I expect my children to come to my level, when I should be bending down to theirs.

Being a mom is not a burden. 
My sin is a burden and causes me to think of myself first, and not my family.

I want to learn the difference between "overwhelmed and need a quick break" and "burdened".  I bet I would find that most of my snappy words and harsh eye tricks are the result of "too much at once with a great reliance on myself". Or even more simply, the result of loving myself {my wants and my desires} way more than I should. I wonder if I took a step back, a deep breath and a said quick prayer, if my sin would be easier to control in the heat of the moment.

We all have different struggles within our homes.  Some have strong-willed children, some have high needs children, some have children who are easily overlooked -- but I guarantee that we all look around and see each child as a gift and treasure. Even in the mess. No matter how God chose to sanctify and grow us in motherhood, each little child in our flock is such a precious gift!  And sometimes in the daily grind, we forget to see that these sweet babes won't be with us long at all.

The beauty of being a momma to little children only lasts until they become big -- and then we have empty nests and quiet rooms and hearts that long for just one more night time feeding or one more walk hand-in-hand, or just one more snuggle and kiss before bed.  Let's not take these days for granted.  Let's not let our sin make motherhood feel like a burden.  Because it's not.

I long to be a woman of gentleness and grace, a woman who is valued because of my "good deeds" toward those I love {see 1 Timothy 2}.  I long to be a woman who loves her husband and children selflessly and joyfully.  That is my calling, friends, but never a burden.

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young wife&mom said...

oh sweet Ashley....give yourself grace. I was reading through claires scrapbook and so much of what you are saying I was saying 4 years ago! but if I could wrap my arms around myself 4 years ago I would say--have grace on yourself. you are only one woman and you are a good woman! not perfect, not sinless..but a good mom and a good wife. kevin lehman says if we all strived for 'good' that would be great! ha.
as a concession..this past summer after a rough morning I pulled into our garage got out of the car and screamed....The Bible says in Psalm 127 that children are a BLESSSING! And I'm gonna believe that even today! :) hang in there.. it won't be long and you'll look back on this season with longing.