Thursday, January 23, 2014

On being a mom...

Before I had children, there was very little "real life" parenting that I saw day to day.  I babysat and got to play with small children.  I taught a three year old Sunday school class and adored spending time with those sweet faces each week.

But when we lived in Texas I spent a lot of time with a dear friend who loved Jesus and lived out her life -- good and bad and beautiful and hard -- for me every day.  Being a mom looked harder than I previously thought!  I'm grateful for her real life love because those two years prepared me for motherhood in incredible ways!

Now after three babes of my own, I realize that I know less and have nothing to offer without the grace of God.  It's a true saying that the more children you have and the longer you are a parent, the less you know and the more humble you become.  God did not give us the joy of parenthood without the beautiful {and sometimes painful} santifaction that comes with it!

Patrick was in Africa all of last week and there were some things that happened that just made me think "this is being a mom".  I was alone at home with my children -- one in a cast, one small baby and one four year old {does that say enough?}.  God provided richly with abundant grace and patience and kindness and meals.  It was a sweet and difficult week.

Either way, sometimes being a mom is hard.  All of the time being a mom is the most fabulous job in the world.

Sometimes being a mom means sitting on your child to give him medicine.  And crying with him because it breaks your heart.

Sometimes being a mom looks like more TV shows or movies than you ever thought your children could watch -- simply for survival.

Sometimes being a mom means letting your children sit with their best friends at church so everyone can be happy for an hour.

Sometimes being a mom means eating the chocolate sprinkle donut you got for your child because he suddenly decides that your donut of choice looks much tastier.

Sometimes being a mom means waking up so very early with a smile on your face so your children never, ever think they are a burden.

Sometimes being a mom looks like little hands constantly touching your head and face and legs and arms.

Sometimes being a mom means getting A LOT of kisses and hugs.

Sometimes being a mom means that a two hour break changes everything and suddenly you can conquer the world!

Sometimes being a mom means giving up your much anticipated time at the local Y because your sweet toddler has a cast on his foot and cannot walk.

Sometimes being a mom means that carrying a toddler with a cast IS your daily workout.

Sometimes being a mom means making the most of days when no one naps.

Sometimes being a mom means creating things out of paper and cardboard that you would rather throw away, but you know that it will make your boys very happy.

Sometimes being a mom means sitting down, forgetting the world and playing knights and castles while cooing to a baby...

Even on the hard days, even when I have no personal space {read: never}, even when days seem long, even when I have to give up my donut {and I don't even really like donuts!} -- the days turn into fast years and I don't want to think that this work was in vain.  This job, being a mom, is exactly what I've been called to do...and I'm determined, by the grace and strength of God, to do it with joy!

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