Thursday, January 9, 2014

Conversations with Andrew...and then some...

Andrew is very random.  He will talk about anything, sing about anything.  He is hilarious and we are always laughing at his sweet randomness! He really is such a joy to us.

Yesterday after nap time, he came down and it was quite.  The house was still as Elise and Benjamin were sleeping.  Andrew calmly climbed onto my lap, with every blankie that he has, and cuddled in for a bit.  He's such a sweetie.

We talked about what he dreamed about {going to Mayer's house} and if he rested well {he did}.  And then I asked him a few "favorite" questions.  Here are his responses...

What is your favorite food? um...Hop gogs. {aka. hot dogs}
What is your favorite color? BG {aka. Benjamin}
What is your favorite dessert? No.
Who is your favorite friend? um...Daddy is.
What is your favorite ball? Yes!  House!

I stopped there because I was laughing and he was eating it up and acting on my reaction.  Seriously, such a funny guy! He loves laughter and has the best laugh --  it's a good-for-the-soul kind of laugh.

He uses the word "guys" often. He says "ummmmmm" a lot and will bring his finger to his cheek when he says it.  He has started saying, "that's weird" at different times and with different tones -- his blankie is stuck "dat's weird!', he has to eat dinner "dat's weird", he is arguing with Benjamin "dAT's WEird!"

Andrew can count to 10 and loves to sing the ABC's.  In fact, he loves to sing and has so many songs memorized.  While we were walking around the store today, he started belting out O Come All Ye Faithful.  He has an incredible memory.  It's so humbling.

He is 6 pounds lighter than Benjamin and 6 inches shorter.  He is so strong and has such a sensitive little spirit.  He loves to say NO to anything, but doesn't always mean it.  He's a hugger and a biter and a lover and a fighter.  He is spunky and intense.  He is pensive and loud.

He is just the most wonderful Andrew I will ever know.

And we just love every single bit of him...

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