Monday, February 3, 2014

Elise ~ 4 months

Just for the record: there is NO way my baby can be four months old.  This makes me smile and cry at the same time.  Like cr-iling... I do that a lot.

This girl is pure SWEETNESS.  She's pretty content and babbles a lot.  I have no clue where she gets the constant babble from...weird.  She has a pretty fantastic laugh.  And if Andrew is laughing somewhere, she will start laughing too.  
It's so lovely. 

Elise won't take a paci, although I'm working hard on that :)  She does love her fingers, though.  She is teething and those two front teeth better hurry up and get through her gums.  She loves to hear headbands {haha. I mean, I put a headband on her everyday} and has a cuter wardrobe than I do. 

She loves me a lot and nurses around 7-8 times a day.  She typically goes to bed at 8pm {isn} and wakes up between 3-5am to eat again.  I usually just bring her into our bed after that and she will sleep for DAYS in our bed. Win! She also enjoys her brothers and they do a good job of entertaining her.  They also do a good job of being entertained by her toys. Ha.

Her four month check up is on Wednesday, but I bet she weighs 17 pounds and measures about 27 inches.  We shall see.  She wears 3 month clothes, but pants and jammies are starting to get a little short.  This girl has length, that's for sure! Also, tummy time has been a little more enjoyable, which is nice because now she can work on moving. Yeah!

Here are some sweeeeeeeeeet pictures of Elise on and around her four month day...

Listen, I try to teach and live out modesty -- but this girl will have none of that.  She loves to suck on her dresses.

A very typical face for Elise :)

And just a few pictures of me and my girl:


I love her so much.  God is so kind to let this little baby be ours!

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