Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Just remembering...

I was thinking about holding each of these babies for the first time the other day.  How they each felt so perfect in my arms -- like there was a puzzle piece missing for my entire life.  And then, just like that, complete. 

 I remember how they smelled and those squinty eyes. Their tiny mouths and fingers and toes.  I remember the feeling of complete joy and exhaustion and pride as they laid content in my arms. I truly hope those are memories I never forget.

I realize how blessed I am.  I realize that not everyone gets to hold freshly born, beautiful little miracles.  That's a gift I will eternally be grateful for.  It's certainly a  gift that I have never once deserved, but God has shown me kindness beyond any desire I've had.  I hope that's something I never forget, either.




Also, please note how my hair has changed. And how my face has aged. Ha! 

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