Thursday, March 27, 2014

A little Andrew and Elise...

My mornings consist of two sweet babes that are still under my wing all day.  I'm grateful for them.  And for that.

I say often, "we don't do a lot".  But we do.  We go to the YMCA, we run errands, we have lunch dates, we have coffee dates, we have play date and we play together.   There are days I wish that I could have just a few hours alone to do somethings, but I know those days will come all too quickly.  It is a rare treat to be running errands alone! Luckily, I love these littles. And even when my patience is growing thin -- as we tread fine lines of toddler tantrums and hangry children -- they are still just treasures.

So here are some pictures of the two smallest McBrides.  They are cute and look waaaaaayyyy too much alike.  Somedays it's weird.  Somedays it's not even noticeable. Either way....

Diaper changing before errands running.

Learning to sit.

She's got smiling down!

What is making Elise so happy over there?

Oh! It's daddy! All of our children {all children, really} LOOOVE Patrick.
I can't blame them. 

Sweet grins for daddy.

The progression of seeing the duck and no longer being at to sit while holding feet...

Got it! 
She looks like she's nursing.  Anyone else think Elise looks so long?! {oh wait. she is}

It's okay to tell me, I already know: Elise looks JUST like Patrick!

This is normal Andrew.

He recently realized he could roll his tongue.  He does it all the time.
He will say, "Hey! Mom. look at dis. Mom! Look at my eyes! I roll my tongue."

Sweet Elise.

Typical look.

Feet are her favorite.

Still normal Andrew-ness...

Oh boy, I do love this smile!

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