Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Elise - 6 months!

Well, my baby is half of one year old.  HALF.  Clearly I am not okay with this.  Although, she gets more fun and cuter by the day.  It's a catch 22.  I want her to stay little, but I love to watch her grow. She is delightful, truly.  She's content and calm.  She's flexible and goes with the flow well.  I love her and appreciate her in so many ways!

Elise is 19.4 pounds and 27.5 inches long.  She is 90% for everything.  Which is just what Benjamin was at this age.  Andrew was our smallest baby at 6 months (and in general as an infant). She's wearing mostly six month clothes and I have a feeling that those won't last much longer.  I might be *a little* excited for her to wear nine month clothes because I bought some realllllly cute little outfits for summer!

Elise loves: brothers. momma. daddy.  In that order, but she enjoys everyone a lot in different ways!  She will always laugh at the boys and smiles when they are near. It's really too adorable and melts me every time.  Andrew is much sweeter with Elise and takes care of her well.  He is always concerned with where she is and will find her {even when she's sleeping. sigh}.  Benjamin likes her, but not as much as she likes him.  And I can't really trust her alone with Benjamin because I come back into the room and she will be crying and he says things like, "I was reading to her and dropped a book on her head." or "I got tired of watching her so I threw this toy on her to play with." or "Mom! Are you done? Can you please come get Ellie!?!?!"

She gets called Ellie most around here.  I call her Elise {and therefore, so do my friends}.  Andrew calls her "Eddie".  In fact, he often calls her "Eddie Kafween" or "Eddie Cake".  It's also adorable.  The boys call her sister or sissy a lot, too.

Elise is getting better at sitting everyday.  She does not move otherwise.  She still hates tummy time and will tolerate laying on her belly if she can get to her thumb. She seems content to watch the world go by.  She rarely cries for crying sake.  She has an angry/frustrated wine, she has a fantastic laugh and she has some pretty serious shrieks and squeals.  She will also coo when she wakes up and has started grunting while eating.

Elise still nurses a lot.  We have introduced some baby food, but she doesn't really care about it.  She does like to chew on the spoon though.  She nurses eight{ish} times a day.  She takes a good afternoon nap and sleeps through the night {until about 6}.  She cat naps while are in the car or while nursing, otherwise.

Elise has one tooth that came in around five and a half months. She sucks her right thumb, but will settle for her left if necessary. She also loves blankets and if she can, she will suck her thumb and hold on to a blanket {or burp cloth or shirt}.  It's really cute.  She will chew on anything.  She will fall asleep on her own, or she will be rocked to sleep.  It depends on her mood.  She still sleeps in a bassinet in our room and we are trying to get her to sleep in her crib.  Elise loves to play with and eat her feet.  She likes Miguel the moose {a toy} and talks to him in the car a lot. She also likes to look at herself in a mirror. Girls.... ;)

And now, pictures.  Which I'm sure you were waiting for anyways. :)

This is the outfit I took Benjamin's six month pictures in!

She loves Andrew.

Picture time entertainment.



She did not mind at all sitting in grass for the first time. Which I thought was funny since both of the boys hated it!



Thumb sucker. Something in her hand.


mama cindy said...

Precious girl!! She looks like you when you were a baby she also looks like Benjamin when he was a baby, she looks like Andrew in the tooth picture and I see Patrick every now and then...needless to say I think they all three look like you and Patrick!! Beautiful!!

young wife&mom said...

oh my goodness...SHE.IS.A.DOLL!