Thursday, May 8, 2014

Paper calendar {thoughts on my days}

This year I began using a paper calendar.  I still use my phone for some things, but mostly I take the time to write things down in a spiral, weekly calendar. I feel so disconnected and adult-like.  And I really love that.

I love how I get to write things that aren't just to-do lists or parent signings.  I love that I get to see how my week fill up.  I love writing and remembering birthdays.  I love scribbles of reschedules or notes about prayer requests or things I need to get from the mall. I love seeing the "notes" from my little people.  It's also pink <3 p="">
I was sitting at Starbucks a few weeks ago, coffee in hand, looking at my week ahead.  I was filling in a few things that needed to be added.  I wrote down the workouts I needed to do on training days.  I made a few lists to the side.  And then I stopped and just looked at my words and to-do's and my messy handwriting.

My days are full of such sweet things. These sweet things are not spectacular or super important.  These sweet things are just little, every day things.

You may think my days are mundane or boring, most days.
Generally, all days are the same:

Wake up| Feed Elise| Get everyone ready for the day
Drink coffee| Take Benjamin to school| Feed Elise
Go to the Y and/or Run errands| Go home
Feed Elise| Clean up| Feed other people
Pick up Benjamin| Go home| Feed Elise
Nap time
Clean house| Play with Benjamin| Read my bible
Start dinner| Feed Elise| Play/cook dinner/clean
Welcome Patrick home| Eat dinner| Feed Elise
Play| Baths| Family worship
Feed Elise| Bedtime for the kiddos
Hang out with Patrick| Last clean up of the day
Bed time

And now that I'm looking at this list -- it made me laugh out loud!  This doesn't include random days that we spend running errands all morning or playing at a friends house.  Some days we go to the zoo, or the park, or we have lunch out before it's time to get Benjamin.  Some days we come straight home and enjoy being home.

All of this to say that I really enjoy this season...this life.  I love being a momma.  I love being Patrick's wife.  I love my friends and their kids.  I love our church. I love Benjamin's school.  I love having a YMCA and a Target :) It's not a busy life.  My days are not extravagant or full of luxury and relaxation.

My days are mostly simple and more than I deserve.  My days are full of prayer and pleas for patience and wisdom.  My days are easily exhausting.  My days are full of laughter.  Some days couldn't be quick enough.  Often, though, my days are too quick.  Not one day is perfect.  Not one day is the best.  They are all really beautiful, messy days -- and I'm really, really grateful for them.

Moral of the story: get a paper calendar. :)

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