Monday, July 7, 2014

Elise {9months}

Well, well, tiny {not really} baby is nine months old and that seems nearly impossible.  This is about the time where reality sets in and I realize that I am closer to having a toddler than a baby.  Which makes me want to cry like a baby.  And have more babies. Ah well...

Elise is such a joy. Seriously. I have no clue how a baby can be so smiley and content all most of the time.  She fusses, obviously.  And has bad days, but they are not too hard to deal with.  She has started voicing her opinion when the boys take something from her or she can't reach something that she wants.  And she recently started screaming as loud as she possibly can just for fun.  Think of the highest pitches squeal -- that is the noise she loves to make in public bathrooms. echo...echo...echo.  Sorry for your ears because I love hearing my baby get excited more than I worry about your ear comfort :)

Our sweet girl is long! She is about 30 1/2 inches, from my measurement.  I put her in a lot of dresses so she doesn't have to wear capri pants all the time ;) And what's not to love about a cute dresses with matching bloomers!  I can still put headbands on her and she will leave them on.  Sometimes she will pull them down and chew on them -- success for her, I'm sure!

Elise still nurses SEVEN times a day. Yes, you read that correctly. 7.  My goal in life was to get her down to seven times a day, from eight, before she turned nine months old. Win! She eats baby food at least twice a day and also enjoys snacks. I am much more negligent lenient carefree in feeding her real food -- so far, so good.  Just this past week she has started eating whatever real food I put in front of he -- bless it! I can't wait to stop buying expensive baby food!

Things Elise loves:
*her thumb.
*blankies. especially when sucking her thumb.
*playing with toys she stole from her brothers. {insert angry cry when they find out and take said toy away}
*playing with balls or stuffed animals.
*daddy unless I am anywhere in clear site.
*puffs or cheerios.
*mommy! {In fact, of all her babbles -- she says "mama" when she sees me and on command. Yesssssssssss, yes, yes!}

Things Elise does not love:
*taking things away from her.
*being hungry

Elise doesn't move, really.  I mean, she bounces while she's sitting.  And she has recently started to roll for things she wants.  But her motivation is lacking and her incentives must not be all that wonderful. The day is coming, though. As much as I like the gloriousness of her not moving, I am anxious for her to starting crawling and moving around with the boys!

Speaking of the boys -- Elise loves them.  Seriously.  She smiles and laughs at them so fantastically.  Andrew smothers her hourly and she makes it very clear when she is over his attention.  Benjamin is more of a distant lover.  As in, he talks to her from the other side of the room and touches her sometimes.  They are all so sweet together, though.  My heart is full watching them and being surrounded by them.  They are heart melting messes and it's a fair warning to you that if you see them you will want to squish them and kiss them and just enjoy the heck out of them.  Well, unless one of them is sassy or has an angry face -- you may just want to walk away and try again later...

I digress, back to Elise.

She's wonderful and fills my heart with joy.  Wherever there was fear of being the momma to a baby girl, there is now simply humility that such a delight would be called my daughter.  The Lord has shown such incredible kindness to me through my children.

So here are some pictures of our sweetie baby....

First plane ride. Destination: Chicago!

She loved it and did so great.

9 months.

9 months in {right before we left for the hospital}
9 months out!

6 days old // 9 months old 

Happy baby 

Clap your hands!

blankie lover.

Typical crinkle nose smile <3 td="">

Loves daddy and looks like him!

Angry Elise -- she wanted me to hold her, per usual, instead of take her picture.

little lady...

Me and Elise!

One more of the girls...

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young wife&mom said...

my goodness--she is long!
and beautiful. so glad you are loving being a momma to a girl!
fun fun.