Monday, September 8, 2014

Oh, the things he knows...

It's amazing to me that Benjamin has learned so much in the last year {plus} of school.  We really do love the school he goes to and are more than grateful for teachers who love what they do and care so well for my child's heart and mind.

As a way to remember where he is now, I am going to write down the things he knows and have a place to look back:

Pre-K and some of Kindergarten --
*Catechisms 1-50
*About 30 bible verses memorized
*Can count to 100
*Can count by 2's and 5's
*Can do simple addition and subtraction
*Can recognize and recite all phonograms
*Can recite most of the counties of Oklahoma
*Can recite most of the governors of Oklahoma
*Knows the books of the bible
*Knows the days of the week
*Knows the months of the year
*Knows the states, by song
*Knows several state capitals
*Know the continents and oceans
*Knows and can recite the 21 rules of the school {which also happen to be the 21 rules of our house!}

Bonus information: His favorite part of almost every day is recess.  And he loves that there is an art table in his classroom this year.

As one more added bonus: Benjamin is fairly good about using "sir" and "ma'am" and holding doors and letting ladies go first.  Little manners go a long way in my book.  And I believe it's a lost art anymore.

It is so humbling to realize how much his mind has learned.  I think we take the minds of little people for granted -- they can learn and retain so much information!  Please don't hear me boasting or bragging on my child.  I am very proud of him, yes, but I don't think this is because he is a genius.  I also don't think my sweet child is better than your sweet child.  Although, he is a great kid ;)
I do think that he has been taught well and learned those things well.  And I look forward to seeing him grow and learn more!

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