Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Out of the mouth of babes...

There are some things that the boys say that are just really fantastic.  My conversations with Andrew are particularly great right now.  Benjamin comes in with some good stuff, but man! Three year olds are really funny!

For about two months Andrew would ask about "South America".  I was pretty impressed that he was interested in another continent, but figured it was because Benjamin sings a song from school about the continents.  Either way, I answered him accordingly.  "South America is South of Oklahoma."  "South America is hot and humid."  "South America has good coffee."  "South America produces a lot of crops that we enjoy here." On and on and on with whatever I could remember about South America as a whole.  Then a couple of weeks ago we were in a fabric store.  Andrew was in the back of the cart and started yelling, 'MOMMY! It's SOUTH AMERICA!!!"  I pointed to a camp fabric.  Nope, that was not it.  I pointed to a fabric with trees all over it.  Again, not what he was looking at.  Finally, he asked me to push the cart to the row of fabrics and pointed to Captain America fabric.  For TWO MONTHS I have been answering questions about South America only to find out that my sweet child has been curious about a super hero. And he never questioned my answers! He just smiled and that was that! 
Andrew is in a phase of using the word "totally" obsessively:
Me: Andrew, what are you doing?
A: Mom, you totally have to come here and totally see this.  I am totally playing knights and the couch it totally my boat and I am totally a bad guy and totally come here!
He is also into Batman, for whatever reason. He has a good imagination that is kindly fostered by his equally imaginative brother.  So during the day, I hear A LOT of c.o.n.t.i.n.u.o.u.s stories about bad guys, and knights, and pirates, and batman, and superman, and soccer guys, and football games and playing baseball.  
Someone PLEASE ride with me so you can also enjoy these one sided stories.  Or perhaps take a turn at answered really interesting questions...

"Why did the road turn that way?" Because that's how the road makers wanted it to go.
"Why are we going here?" Because we need groceries/stuff/whatever else.
"Why are you doing that?" Because.
Why is the cloud going?" Because God made the clouds to move and the earth spins.
"Who is that person in that car?" I have no idea.
"Mom. I said WHO is in that CAR?" I said I don't know.
"BUT who is IT?" Andrew, I don't know that person! DO you?
"No. But who is that person?" *big sigh and should shrug*
At family worship, we go over verses and catechisms each night.  One of the catechisms asks, "Can you see God?" and the answer is "No. But He always sees me!"  Andrew, however, answers like this -- "No! But He always see me, Coppa!" {Because Patrick chases them and yells, You'll never catch me coppa!"
Benjamin has some fun phrases, too.  He has now lost FOUR baby teeth and calls his permeant teeth "man teeth".  We truly enjoy using this phrase.

Yesterday he asked me what I wore last time I found his tooth.  I was so confused, although I had an idea of what he was getting at.  I had him explain a little further.
Me: What do you mean "what did I wear"?
B: When you got my tooth.
Me: From where?
B: Mom.  Under my pillow. What were you wearing?
Me: *don't laugh, don't laugh* What do you think I was wearing?
B: Well, did you wear a tutu and wings?
Me: *don't laugh, don't laugh* You mean, did I dress like a fairy?
B: *smiling his toothless grin* yes!!!
Me: Uhhhh, no. But I guess I can.
B: Where do you get wings?
Me: Oh my goodness. I don't really have wings, buddy!

I wish I could think of more Benjamin-isms! 

I'm so lucky to be around these guys every day.  They really are so funny and so much fun! 

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mama cindy said...

so funny! I totally get where Andrew gets his question asking from.... :) love you, but the man teeth thing gets me....such cute kids, don't blink!!