Friday, October 31, 2014

Backyard fun

If there's one thing I've slacked off on for the last year, it's been taking pictures with my camera.  My big, awesome, not-my-phone camera.  And I want to change that.

Everyday moments captured.  Just to have and hold.  And to blog, because family.  I want to challenge myself to grab my camera and to remember moments that are not behind a phone -- which can be a huge distraction to everyone!

SO yesterday we were playing in the backyard after nap time.  Benjamin was playing at a friends house and it was just Andrew, Elise and I.  The days have been kind of long and hard over here and we needed nothing more than to roll around in the grass and play soccer and laugh at silly pictures.

At first, Andrew was uninterested in pictures. But after he found out about the self-timer -- he was in. And he took a few pictures of Elise and I.  And he got to "fly". Win, win, win.  A few are blurry, but so is our life. I love these days...even when they are hard.  And I love capturing my babies while they are little and sweet. :)

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mama cindy said...

Love the pictures!!