Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A heart of gratitude...

Since this week is Thanksgiving and I haven't posted in three weeks! I'll take a quick minute to write down things I'm grateful for right now....

*I'm grateful for Jesus.  More and more and more each day.  I'm so easily swayed and He is so consistent and good and more kind than I deserve.  I  need more rescuing and redeeming than all the people!

*Patrick.  I'm so grateful for him. The way love grows and deepens is amazing to me. He is the champion of my heart, my best friend AND such a perfect companion.  We may be exactly opposite, but it works so well. As an added bonus, last week was our 10th anniversary! TEN years!!! {I will post more on that later...}

*Benjamin, Andrew and Elise.  These babies make me so full.  They are such treasures to me.  And since I was "suppose" to never, ever have babies -- they are that much more special.  The Lord uses them to teach me, humble me and sanctify me on a daily basis! I love them truly and deeply.

*I'm grateful for our new home.  We moved in this past weekend and it was crazy -- but wonderful!  God has extended great kindness to us through this whole process and has answered so many prayers!  I can't wait to write about what a journey it's been.  But we are so humbled to be living here!!!

*Family.  We may not have family around, but they are sweet to love on us from afar! A special shout out to my dear mother-in-law who came down for ten days to help us with the kids and moving and to regulate my stress levels. :)

*Friends.  I have some really great friends.  Truly, it's such a gift to be surrounded by people who love you and support you and care for you and pray for you and walk with you.  We had TEN guys helping us move.  We have had meals brought for us as we settle in and unpack.  We have little gifts show up at our door.  We have friends to share out things with.  We have friends who are praying great prayers with us!  This community that God has given us is delightful!

*I'm grateful for Patrick's job that he enjoys and provides for our family in great ways.  And allows him to really use his strengths and gifts to work well for the Lord!

*I'm grateful for my coffee grinder and french press that provide delicious coffee daily :)

*I'm grateful for our van.  Back and forth.  Here and there.  That thing is a champ.

*I'm grateful for The Academy, the school Benjamin and Andrew attend.  I could go on and on about how incredible this school is and how humbling it is for my children to be given a Classical education.  But I won't.  I will say this, though:  The things they learn and the community we have there is beyond words and so, so wonderful.

*I'm grateful for a healthy body.  These days of littles are tough and long.  Add in moving and school things and life things -- and that 's a lot for a body to endure! I' glad that my body is strong.  I'm glad I enjoy working out and eating {mostly} healthy.  And I'm glad that, by God's grace, this is true.

Now that I think about it -- none of this would even be without the grace of God.  And that is what I'm most thankful for.  Grace upon grace, upon grace, upon grace...  Happy Thanksgiving week, friends!

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