Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Random bits about the kiddos...

The other day we were driving to school and "South America" came up again.  It's an on going topic, mind you.  {But I will refresh you that South America in our house is "Captain America" to Andrew}.  Here is the conversation we had:

Benjamin: Mom, which direction are we driving right now?
Me: {thankful for my informative rearview mirror} West!
Andrew: South America is west of us.
Me: Actually, Andrew, South America is SOUTH of us.
Andrew: No. It's up. And South America is a man.
Me: Oh right, of course.

And today Andrew and I had this conversation --
Andrew: Hey mom! Guess what Mayer's name is?!?!
Me: Um, Mayer?
A: YES! You got it! Yay!
Me: Yay!
Andrew: Mom. Guess what Elise's name is.
Me: your sister, Elise?
Andrew: yes! Guess what her name is!
Me: Elise!
A: Yes! Now mom, guess my name!!!!!
Me: Andrew?
A: Yes! My name is Andrew! A-n-d-e-w! {he always forgets that pesky "r"}

Yesterday we were driving around, listening to a Christmas CD.  "Little Drummer Boy" came on and at the end of the song there were beautiful {girl} voices singing over and over: "Me and my drum...me and my drum".  Andrew was in the back yelling, "No! My drum! It's my drum, girls! No, my drum!!!"  I was seriously laughing so hard.

I'm so grateful for that boy.  Truly, three may be a hard age, but he is the sweetest thing.  Not a single day goes by that he doesn't throw his arms around me and yell -- "I love you, mom!"  He tells me often that he likes me and wants to marry me.  He has so much love and affection to give -- it's wonderful.

Elise loves socks.  While I am folding clothes she will always find the boys socks and lift her foot to me.  Yesterday, she had two socks on each foot and took a nap that way!  I'm always laughing at her little ways of life.  Elise is also very opinionated and you will usually be able to find us in any store by the sound of her screams and squeals. Oh my goodness, it's so humbling.

Because it's just Elise and I on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she's becoming quite a fun companion!  We have lunch with friends and run errands.  She makes friends and blows kisses to all the people we see.  It's really fun and so sweet to have that time with her.  Granted, she's a great sleeper and needs her naps -- so we are always home for nap time.  But I need that time management and schedule.  It's good time for me to work on chores around the house or read or wrap presents!

Since Benjamin is in school from 8am-3pm each weekday, I get so little one on one time with him.  Now that things in our lives have calmed down just a bit -- I plan on reintroducing dates with the boys.  I know they love it, and so do I.

Benjamin is getting really good at reading and writing.  It's so fun to hear him read to us and even more fun to try to figure out what he writes.  Most of the time, he gets things on his own -- but you have to sound out his words very phonetically and be prepared to work around eliminated vowels.  This past semester he has grown leaps and bounds.  He's so much more confident and truly learning great things!  Listening to him recite scripture or passages from Dante or the states or counties of Oklahoma is so humbling!

He also has a five year itch going on.  He can be so sassy and is fighting for great independence.  He wants to be in control and have the last word.  He wants to be right in all ways and make all the decisions.  But at the flip of a switch, he exudes kindness, obedience and manners.  Hopefully that means the last five years of encouraging, correcting, discipline and guidance has made a difference.  I wonder when you start to reap the fruits of that kind of labor...

More randomness later...I need to fold laundry and get ready to pick the boys up from school!

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