Sunday, December 7, 2014

We built a house... part 2!

If you know me, you know that I hate cardboard boxes.  Especially when moving! I've made it my cause to rid our house of cardboard boxes each time we move.  I ponder a plan for days, weeks even, so I know the best way to tackle the box situation.  This time was no different.  And in similar fashion to previous moves, there was a holiday or visitors {or both} days away.  That my friends is what we call "bonus motivation".

When we planned our home in the early stages, we didn't want something extravagant or too big.  Rather, we wanted an open living space where we could all be together.  Plus sleeping rooms.  And an office for Patrick -- he needed an office in a bad way.  Our room, the boys room and Elise's room are on one side of the house.  The guest room, play room and laundry room are on the other side.  Kitchen, eating and living rooms are in the middle. Patrick's office is right by the front door. And we have a blue front door.  For the record, I didn't get excited and squeal about too much with house building...but when I saw the blue door I definitely squealed and did a dance! Live life in color!

We didn't buy too much to add to the house.  I needed to get a new shower curtain for the kids bathroom because there were things on that curtain that I would rather not discuss. Bleh! We got barstools for the island and two couches {that are not in yet} so we could have a good amount of seating when friends are over! Oh, and I bought the most fantastic rug on! A few bathroom rugs here and there, a few things to hang on the wall, and two new pillow covers for the living room and we were set!

I did my absolute best to stay within budget for each section.  I went over a little in lighting, but I've been told it's hard not to do so.  We were budgeted for granite counters, but chose to get soapstone in the kitchen.  Because of that, we did quartz in the bathrooms and laundry room to offset the cost a little.  I was under in hardware and right on with flooring and tile.  We got a few "extras" just by asking for them and I'm so very glad! 

The other day a friend asked if I would change anything.  After thinking, I simply replied "no".  I can confidently say that I made the best decisions I could at the time, with my circumstances in hopes to make our house feel like home.  And honestly, at the end of all things, it's just a house.  It's nothing crazy or defining or life changing -- it's boards and beams and concrete and stuff.  I don't want to spend the rest of my days thinking of what I could have done differently.  I want to enjoy this space and this place and do what I'm called to do -- that is love and serve my family well. 

I didn't tell too many people we were building a house and it was always something very uncomfortable for me to talk about.  There were a small number of people that would make odd remarks or not respond kindly about building.  After the house started taking off, it was slightly easier to talk about because there was a tangible thing.  It just felt {feels} so extravagant and luxurious and high maintenance.  I am not those things! {well, I bet Patrick would say I can be high maintenance...haha}  It's humbling to build a home and I don't take lightly the gift that this is.

We are grateful, though, for this home.  It's not something we deserved or earned. We pray hard and try to be good stewards of our finances and things.  This was an incredible extension of God's kindness.  It's not been without trial and struggle and tears.  In fact, after a slew of unfortunate events, we still own our old house and are praying fervently for the Lord to provide new buyers {after the old buyers fell through twice}.  You are welcome to join us in prayer for this.  I believe God will provide and do great things -- for His glory! 

So here are a few inside pictures.  I took them with my iPhone several days ago, so they quality isn't really great!

Mud bench and the little counter space that has become my desk :)

Laundry things....

Straight into the laundry room

Guest bathroom

Living room and hall to bedrooms, from the table.

Fireplace and living room from the table.

Kitchen, from the fireplace.

Entry way -- coat closet on the right, Patrick's office on the left

From the guest hall way

Play room with an extra bed!

Play room closet

Guest room {come visit!}

Master bathroom, with our closet in the back.

Boys bedroom, well lived in ;)

Built ins in the boys room.

"Great room" from the bedroom hall

"Great room" from the corner by the table :)

I will eventually do a post with some fun details about the house that I love, even if I didn't love picking them out ;)


mama cindy said...

So nice!!

Cindy Thompson said...

Love it Ash! Nice to see into your far away life a bit :)