Monday, March 2, 2015

My small people these days...

My children keep growing up, despite my desire for them to stay small.  Although there is something so incredibly humbling and sweet about watching your children become who they are suppose to be.  Successes and mistakes, tears and laughter -- being a momma is so, so great.

Benjamin -- my sweet B will be six in less than two weeks.  He has grown up so much in the last six months. He really enjoys kindergarten and loves PE days.  He's getting better at reading and is doing really well at spelling.  They have a spelling test each Friday and we practice a lot on those words through the week.  Benjamin is a good helper and has a tender spirit.  He works well on a schedule and it's getting easier to talk through things with him when he's upset.  If he doesn't have food, he gets crazy hangry! He loves playing with his BFF Alexander and also enjoys playing with other friends at school.  Benjamin goes by "Ben" at school because it's short to write and sometimes will refer to himself as "Benj". It's funny to watch him figure things out.  Benjamin is a great big brother! He and Andrew have a sweet bond and friendship and B cares for Elise well.  It's really such a sweet sight! Benjamin loves hunters, Harry Potter, camping, exploring and learning.

Andrew -- oh man. Andrew is a darling right now. Mostly.  Patrick and I were just talking about how with B, year three was constantly tough.  With Andrew it goes in waves. He will be four in May! He's an easy going guy and loves life.  He constantly wants to play and hang out with Benjamin and gives unending affection to Elise.  Andrew loves being out -- running errands, going to school, playing with friends, going on lunch or coffee dates.  My little extrovert and I have fun together :) Andrew says the funniest things and will make his own way.  He's pretty confident and figures things out most of the time.  He's also needy and wants to be held or close by often. Andrew loves eating, snuggles, reading books, being whatever B is pretending to be and building with anything.

Elise -- our sweet girl is 17 months old! She is feisty and full of opinions, but she's also soft hearted and full of smiles.  She loves to be held or be near her brothers.  She loves daddy!  When she hears the garage door open, she will squeal and yell "daddy! daddy!"  She says a handful of words and babbles constantly.  She can walk, but chooses not to because any of us will hold her if she wants :)  Elise is on a mostly carb diet, but will eat a variety of things if she's hungry.  She usually just wants whatever you're eating.  Elise is our least friendly child at this age and I feel bad when she scowls at people when they say hi.  But she is tons of fun and really adorable! Elise loves blankies and her thumb, eating, necklaces, socks, making messes and being held.

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