Sunday, March 1, 2015

First trimester review...

I've entered the second trimester at some point over the last week.  I'm 14 weeks and one day.  And while I see an increase in my energy and I don't need to nap and lay down as often -- there are some lurking symptoms that I wish would go away {mainly throwing up}.

My first trimester was nothing special, aside from shocking and a delightful surprise that I was actually experiencing another "first trimester".  In fact, the similarities in my pregnancies is crazy.  Andrew's pregnancy was the hardest - emotionally and I threw up until 20 weeks.  Benjamin's the easiest - because first kid.  I don't remember a ton of Elise's pregnancy, but this one seems pretty similar to hers.  I think.

So, let's recap: I felt pretty good until week 5.  I then entered a season of extreme exhaustion and mild nausea. This got worse each week until about week 10.  Then I had extreme exhaustion with not as persistent nausea.  

I shall now point out that I don't remember much of the last 10 weeks, honestly. I do know that everyone is alive! And we ate meals and I ran errands and the house was cleaned. I'm grateful for Patrick because he has been a rockstar! I napped and rested and truly didn't have to do too much because he was a champ at getting things done.  He's my hero.

Around week 12 I felt this lift from extreme exhaustion to exhaustion.  I still need to rest pretty frequently and get tired very easily.  My nausea is still there and if I eat consistently, it's not as bad.  But I'm eating every hour and a half to two hours to help.  At 14 weeks, all of the above is true.

I have wanted to eat salads for every meal.  Really.  I love salads in real life, but in pregnant life -- the struggle was real and I spent a lot of time {and more money that I should have} getting salads instead of making them myself :)  I can't eat greasy food, soda or too much sugar.  Right now all I want is Cracker Barrel.  I think it's mainly the idea of comfort foods.  Hearty, filling, sort of bland things sound great -- but I would prefer not to cook them myself ;) {BUT when you're pregnant with your fourth child, be warned -- people still need to be cared for and you still need to make dinner every night.}  Per usual in each pregnancy, coffee sounded and tasted awful.  Each pregnancy it has lasted less and less {praise Jesus!}.  I am able to enjoy small cups of coffee now -- and that started around 12 weeks. Whew! 

I have been able to work out fairly consistently.  In fact, there were only a few days moving around made me too nauseous.  It was usually the other way around!  If I was distracted and moving, the nausea wasn't too bad.  Although there were several times that I paid for it by needing food immediately after my workout! But, as you probably know, I'ma firm believer in exercise during pregnancy.  I am still lifting weights two to three times a week -- mainly 15-20 pounds, but I'm still able to squat a decent amount {I mean. For me. It's like 50-70 pounds. Just to be clear.} Doing cardio has been more of a challenge because I get out of breath pretty quickly - haha!  But on strength training days, I try to get in 15-20 minutes on a machine.  About twice a week I do only cardio for 30-60 minutes.  PLUS, I carry around a 25 pound baby and play with all three children.  I need to go take a nap, now.

I'm sporting a very noticeable baby bump and imagine that will only get more noticeable.  If you don't know I'm pregnant, then let me turn to the side so you can be surprised! I started wearing maternity clothes around 9-10 weeks...mostly because it was easy and comfortable.  Although, my pants still slide down and I just really, really want to be able to wear shorts already! 

I have gained 10 pounds in 14 weeks.  I am slightly discouraged by this because I have tried hard to be wise and not gain so quickly.  BUT as I have humbly noticed -- my body knows what it's doing and has done the same thing four times.  In the last three pregnancies, I gained 8-11 pounds in the first trimester and by the end came in at 31-34 pounds.  So, my body clearly can do its job.  Isn't God amazing? I'm so humbled at all of this.  I will say that because I was seven pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight, I was hoping to avoid much gain.  But it's just weight and by God's grace and lot of personal chilling out -- I'm sure things will go back to how they are suppose to be.  I'm no longer worried.

I have a fetal doppler that a friend let me borrow {er, keep?} and that has eased a lot of anxiety about the baby.  I do have to limit myself and pray that it won't become an idol.  God is the giver and taker of life -- and while hearing a heart beat is reassuring, He is my hope and my peace.  I have prayed and prayed through this struggle and look forward to baby kicks {another tiny gift from the Lord}.  But when I have listened for the baby, its heart rate has been consistently around 163. There is a typical range of 155-173, just to be clear. My uterus is tilted, so hearing the baby can be tricky.  

I think that's a good overall summary.  Benjamin and Andrew have been so helpful to me over the last several weeks, too.  They clean with me and serve me.  They play with Elise and play together.  It's been so nice and I couldn't have made it through as easily without their sweetness.  Elise is a 17 month old toddler, so she's doing what she is suppose to do and I pray for a lot of patience as she grows. I don't want to take these days away from her because of unrealistic expectations! 

Okay. The end! :)

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