Friday, August 7, 2015

Oh right, I have a blog....

Clearly, I don't take time to write here very often.  It's not that I don't want to.  In fact, as I've looked back over the last six months I am kind of bummed I did record more or take time to process more.  I've had so many thoughts.  There have been so many good and bad moments to write down.  

Either way, as my due date approaches and our family grows -- I wanted to grab a few moments to catch myself up and remember a few things. 

Here's an update on my people:

Benjamin -- starts FIRST grade in two weeks.  He's grown up so much over the summer.  He needs glasses for school.  He is pretty independent and still fairly needy for attention.  He thrives on schedule and knowledge of such thing.  He is rational, practical and analytical.  BUT he's tender hearted and so very mindful of others {especially me} most of the time.  Benjamin became a believer this spring and seeing his heart change has been sweet.  He's selfish and strong and a sweetie.  He loves ninja training, spies, hunters and being in control.

Andrew -- starts preK in two weeks.  He'll be half day and I'm not sure I'm ready for him to go to school.  He is full of joy and personality and is always making us laugh! He is expressive and loud and says the funniest things.  He also had a fierce temper and gets so angry, so easily.  He loves deeper than any other child I've ever met and is always considerate of his friends and family. This summer has been a challenge as he has had full opportunity to be the "middle child".  With B home and Elise being herself, he finds himself in a tough place more often than I'd like.  But we have grown together and he is really so sweet.  He loves building legos, ninja training, doing what Benjamin does and snuggling.

Elise -- will be two in just two months! She's grown a lot the last few months.  She talks and babbles a lot.  She always has something to say :) She knows how to hold her own with the boys and often gets so upset that she can't do what they are doing.  She loves running around without a shirt and climbing whatever she can.  But she will carry a baby doll anywhere and makes sure she has the best shoes on for the day.  She is snuggly, but strong willed.  She's feisty, but fun.  And she has everyone wrapped around her little finger {especially daddys}! She has no clue that she is about to have a baby brother around -- although we talk about him often.  She loves her blankie and thumb, being held, snacks, twinkle twinkle and the itsy bits spider, reading, and playing in the potty.

A few pictures from earlier this summer!

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