Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pictures galore!!!

 Here are pictures from my phone from Caleb's birth and the first week home!

just minutes after he was born! all the snuggles and happy feelings. 

getting his stats checked.

Finally made it to the post birth room.  Patrick left to grab the kiddos and so it was just Caleb and I most of the day!

Elise was so so very happy to hold the baby.  She's still excited about him.  And the boys are delighted and love Caleb well!

those lips!

Caleb and Alexandra -- sweet friends from the start! She's 5 weeks older.

Hanging out under photo therapy lights.

How we slept because Caleb did not like being under the lights, naked and alone.  I was happy to hold and snuggle him.

Some leisure time while recovering ;)

Happiest Andrew.

Little momma checking up!

Walked to the park with the kiddos and Aunt Kate. So a few sweet pictures for Caleb and myself!

This boy melts me! And I couldn't be more grateful he's ours.

First bath. Hated it.

Fourth child.  Using a girl towel.

Just talking about the day.

Such a sleepy baby and so content. Unless he's naked.  He doesn't like that.

eyes! one week old!

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Ben said...

oh what a doll! and I love the name! ha!
you look great and so so happy!
thanks for updating your NONFACEBOOK friends:)