Sunday, October 4, 2015

Caleb pictures + life updates!

Caleb is seven weeks and some days today! I can't believe it's almost been two months since he was born.  We've gone through quite a bit in the last month. 

I will start writing about our craniosynostosis journey very soon.  And I'm more than ready to write it down and share the whole journey! I just need time.  I'm finding that there isn't a lot of that recently :) 

Here is a quick update:
*We decided to pull Andrew out of pre-K and have him to pre school again.  While this was a hard decision to make, it was the best thing for him.  It's amazing how things are so hard and humbling for a parent and don't phase the child much at all. I feel like over and over, recently, I've been given the opportunity to say "I choose the best for my child over the wants and desires of myself." It's hard. And sometimes I don't want to choose my child. I really love myself and doing what I want.  But that's not my job as a parent.  It's a sweet and humbling and revealing road.

*Caleb was diagnosed with craniosynostosis a few weeks ago.  We went from "His head is a funny shape, let's check with the doctor" to having surgery nearly scheduled in 3 1/2 weeks! 

*Elise turned two on Thursday! Two is a not a baby.  And she seems so grown up lately. I will post more on this another time, too.  She's such a treasure to our family.  I just can't imagine our family or our lives without her.  They would be lacking in such deep ways without her around!

That's all I can think of right now! Here are some pictures of Caleb from weeks 2-6ish.  

Snuggles with daddy!

He loves his paci!

Smiles for sister kisses.  This is NOT always the case ;)

Snug as a bug in a bean bag!

My days look a lot like this.

One month picture!

Sunday naps.

Post bathtime.

Bassinet sleeping.  Still tiny and fits just right in there!

Sleepy smiles.  He is always smiling in his sleep! It's so lovely.

A quick snooze while the kiddos play around him and I cook dinner!

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