Friday, March 18, 2016

From Andrew's view...

I made muffins earlier this week.  Andrew found my camera on the island and took several pictures.  I generally don't mind if he or Benjamin hold the camera and take pictures and it is usually really great to see what they see.  Elise does this a lot with my phone while I'm nursing.  A child's point of view can be so remarkable!

Here are the pictures Andrew took while I was making muffins:

This is obviously not a view I have of myself often, but I appreciate having pictures of me doing every day things. // This is our real life!  I don't remember where Elise was.  The kitchen is messy.  The boys were getting ready to go camping. Benjamin was playing with a Hex Bug he got for his birthday. Caleb was contently watching and chatting in the jumbo. Remnants are all over the island from crafts and homework and snack time and dishes. // Maybe it won't mean anything to them now -- but what a sweet thing for my children to have when they are older.  Little every day moments with me in the picture instead of taking the picture!

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