Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekly recap!

There are a lot of things I've missed writing about simply because I don't have time.  My time is precious, my people are precious...but I don't want to forget things I could write down. In an effort to revive my blogging to recap our days, I'm going to do a "weekly recap".  Not for you or for the world, but for me.  :)

I do hope, along the way, to remember how much I enjoy writing and post more than once a week.  I want to share the things I write and post about on instagram because that's become a journal of sorts for our days.

SO this weeks recap:
*Last Sunday we participated in the the Parent Commitment service at church. It was sweet to be surrounded by people that love us and that we do life with.  While on stage, I was pretty sure Andrew was going to escape and try to play the drums and Elise was dancing and clapping.

*Elise has the most fabulous and helpful and calm days.  And then other days are nothing short of exhausting and full of tears and tantrums.  We went to Target for groceries and she screamed and cried for the entire 45 minutes we were there.  It is altogether humbling, humorous and embarrassing as people stare and look away. A tender and gracious "thank you" to the momma who had two boys with her and simply smiled at me and said, "I know. We have the same days." Camaraderie in motherhood is a hidden treasure and a super empowering.

*We moved Caleb into a crib this week and I think he's been sleeping much better. He still wakes up once a night.  Generally from the hours of 3am-7am he doesn't sleep too well.  But I'll happily take the hours he sleeps before that! He goes to bed between 8-9pm.

 *Caleb does not like solid foods. He doesn't like baby food or mushed up table food.  I did find out today that he likes french fries! HAHA So, I just need to add salt to all things. He's been trying some mum-mums and other expensive and weird tasting introductory baby things. Still not a fan.  He purses his lips and looks away. Oh well.

*I really enjoy my Mondays and Wednesdays with just Elise and Caleb.  Having two is such a break from four!  But Elise loves to be my helper and Caleb is super easy.  Plus, they both nap so I usually have about an hour during the day to be alone.

 *Benjamin's birthday is over spring break {TOMORROW! I'll have a SEVEN year old tomorrow}, so I took a cookie cake to class on Friday afternoon to celebrate with his friends. Blue icing on the cake = blue mouths!

*Benjamin is SUPER into space right now.  He wants to be an astronaut when he grows up and we read about science and space a lot.  They made rockets in class this week to go along with the book they read about the moon.  To say he was excited was an understatement.  Also, since decided he wants to be an astronaut, we have been able to encourage Benjamin to work really hard at school and pay close attention.  He typically doesn't care too much about whats going on, but we've seen so much improvement now that he has something to work toward ;)

He didn't want a birthday party, so he asked two friends to go the science museum with him.  It was a perfect way for him to celebrate without feeling overwhelmed or pushed beyond his limits.

*Caleb is 7 months old today! He is growing and healing so well. He is such a delight! He weighs 18 pounds and 27 inches long. He laughs and smiles a lot. He loves his paci and blankies and his siblings! He enjoys being held and being outside.  We all really, really love this boy!

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Ben said...

oh my gosh! he looks just like the other boys. of course i love the names! ha.
ie...Caleb Benjamin!

so great to see your lovely face and beautiful family again.
keep up the stories.
we miss you!