Thursday, May 19, 2016

Andrew's five-year questionnaire

How old are you? 5.
How tall are you? Big. 
How much do you weigh? 48 pounds. {but really like 42}
What is your favorite toy? the knight castle, legos
Favorite book? 
Favorite movie? Star Wars
Favorite TV show? The Little Drummer Boy {but I would say Lego shows on  Netflix}
Favorite food? Ska-betty aka spaghetti
Favorite fruit? watermelon
Favorite vegetable? carrots 
Favorite snack? veggie straws
Favorite drink? juice
Favorite activity? ride my bike and play with the neighbors
Favorite color? dark black.
Favorite sport? Thunder. And when I asked what kind of ball the Thunder plays he said "smooth, no medium!" We clearly are a sporty family.
Favorite song? We three kings.
Favorite animal? dragon. and a lion.
Favorite game? tag. no, no, no. tag bad guys!
Favorite outfit? basketball shorts and a t shirt. 
Favorite holiday? Christmas
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep? darth vader. and blankie.
Best Friend? Grant and Ben and Grace.
When I grow up I want to be? A basketball player.
Nicknames? Ju-ju is what Elise starting calling him and it has stuck.  We mainly call him Andrew or Boo.
Thing I am really good at? fighting, I guess. running so fast. I like to play with friends. I like to do the color/drawing game on your phone. 

By Andrew Reid McBride, age 5 

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mamacindy said...

He is the sweetest!!! Love his answers.

Love, Mama cindy