Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The ways my days work, right now...

Life with four children isn't harder than I thought it would be, but it is a little more chaotic.  But if we survived the chaos of three kids -- what's one more! {although I realize that mentality isn't for everyone!} We have almost a year under our belts of four babes. Whoa!

Here are some things I've learned:
*I know nothing. Never ask me for advice. I'm winging it.
*Somedays I want more children.  Most days, I know better of myself.
*Each child is SO different and there is no one way to parent all children.  I HAVE to be willing to take each child and learn them and go from there.
*Know, study and learn your children.
*Low expectations.
*A family that has dance parties and dinners together, enjoy each other.

And my number one motto that I say on a regular basis -- if you don't laugh, you will go insane! So have fun and laugh a little. I forget this too often.

Here are some things that I want to remember about my days:
*If I do two loads of laundry each day, I can stay on top of the amount of laundry we produce.  If I do three a day, I can take off one day and still feel good about life.  If I get lazy about laundry, my life is miserable because it's my least favorite chore.

*Keeping the island in the kitchen clean and tidy helps me feel a little more together.  My neighbor is so great at this and I can see why!

*I sweep our floors about eight times a day.  I mop every other day.  I vacuum twice a week, but should do it every day.

*I make my bed every day to make my messy master bedroom look a little more tidy.  Some times it helps, sometimes it doesn't.

*I am currently working up the courage to throw away a pile of socks that I have held onto for the last 8 months.  I keep it in a red bucket on my dresser.  I lay them out on my bed at least three times a month without luck of finding the missing partner.

*I clean our guest bathroom 2-3 times a week because it's also now the boys bathroom.  And boys are really gross.

*I go to the YMCA once or twice a week and have been doing HIIT workouts at home.  I try to run one or two evenings a week.  These things are so vital to maintaining some sanity.

*I'm grateful for neighbors who have become like family.  We can stand in the front yard and talk, or go to someones house and chat.  Our kids all roam from house to house, depending on the day and whatever activity they have come up with.  It's actually more vital to sanity than working out, I think.

*I make breakfast each morning.  I make lunch at home at least five days a week.  I try to do one fun lunch out each week if we can swing it.  And I cook dinner at least five evenings a week.  On Saturdays, after church, we go out to dinner with our community group.  Some times, we get something quick out or have a family date night.

I'm sure there's more to my days, but I need to fold laundry or I'll get behind!

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mama cindy said...

I love reading how your days work....I've seen you in actopn.!