Saturday, October 1, 2016

Elise is THREE!!

Here is Elise's three year old questionnaire:
I have added my own comments about what she likes.  Her answers give you NO idea about who Elise is or what she likes ;) I loved asking her these questions and waiting for the answers.  She always makes me laugh.

How old are you? 1-2-3!
How tall are you? ummm. i'm 5. (She's TALL! I'm pretty sure she was 36 inches at her last appt)
How much do you weigh? 3. (about 35 pounds)
What is your favorite toy? my pink toy. (baby mary and all of her accessories.)
Favorite book? my pink book. (Elise loves the baby lit books --Jane, Alice, Pride & Prejudice)
Favorite movie? my pink movie. (Elise rarely watches movies.)
Favorite TV show? Einstein's! 
Favorite food? pink food. cake! (Elise loves yogurt and fruit, PB sandwiches, mac & cheese)
Favorite fruit? pink banana (I would say her favorite fruit is starwberries or grapes.)
Favorite vegetable? snap peas
Favorite snack? pink snack. (fruit snacks, zbars.)
Favorite drink? juice. i want juice.
Favorite activity? talk about my birthday.
Favorite color? ummm..some colors. (pink)
Favorite sport? dance party.
Favorite song? Jesus. (Elise loves to sing! She can sing Amazing Grace, Be Thou my vision, Jesus loves me and so many more)
Favorite animal? pink animal. (monkeys? horses? My Little Ponies? ahhaa)
Favorite game? Halleluia (She calls "Let it go" Halleluia. She's never seen frozen, but we dance to let it go a lot.)
Favorite outfit? pink ballerina dress.
Favorite holiday? some cake. um, my birthday.
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep? blankie. baby mary. thumb.
Best Friend? Lorelei is my friend.
When I grow up I want to be? a ballerina.
Nicknames? Ellie. Ellenator. Sissy.
Thing I am really good at? Being a mommy to Mary and Caleb. Helping mommy. Dancing.

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