Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The things Andrew says...

Andrew has always been a fabulous conversationalist.  He is lively and hilarious -- and I don't think he even tries. He is random and easy going. So, it's no wonder that on a daily basis I think "I really should write this down!"

*A few weeks ago, Andrew came into the kitchen while I was doing dishes.  He came up behind me, tapped my bottom and walked to the pantry.  He turned his head around while still looking for a snack and said, "Hey mom. Are you sure you're not having another baby?" To which I responded, "No buddy, we are all done having babies..." Andrew looked for a snack again and then said, kind of loudly, "Well, your just all fat and squishy." *insert rolled eyes and a little sigh from me*

*We were coming home one evening and the gate opener for our neighborhood wasn't working well. I said to Patrick, "This clicker only works when you're just right in front of it..." and out of no where Andrew chimes in and says, "It because the mouses are working it." Haha!

*Andrew calls spaghetti "ska-betty" and so do we :) It's also one of his favorite foods.

*When Andrew wants to say "it doesn't matter", he says "what matters..."

*Andrew goes through phases of not liking girls every day, and only liking girls on Sundays and Thursdays.

*He gets along with most kids and changes his "best friends" somewhat regularly.  Although, Micah is usually the top friend :)

I wish I could think of more of his conversations off the top of my head! He is so funny and loves to talk -- which makes for constant Andrew-isms! He is confident in what he says and it's always so random and serious.  He also gets in trouble often for his words.  It's a fine balance to learn -- especially when you're five.

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