Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Homemaker Helper

Yesterday I was in the living room lighting a candle, when I realized I didn't have any matches near-by. So, I ran into the dining room, grabbed a packet of matches and continued to light the candle. This is something that frequently happens to me. I need this or that and it's in another room.

As I was contemplating this issue, I thought, "I should make a little thing to wear for all of these little items I so often need...". So, I ran the idea by Patrick and he was sweet to humor my idea. "I want to make something that I can wear during the day when I'm cleaning or whatever that can hold things I need. I think it would look like a tool belt, apron mix." He smiled and encouraged me.

Today (I absolutely couldn't move my car because it was trapped by snow and ice from the road plower trucks. My sweet old neighbor even came out to help luck. I had to wait until Patrick got home to pull me out with his truck! My hero!) I was home all day and didn't have too much to do. I played with Piper, prepared a few parts of dinner, vacuumed the house, cleaned a bit here and there, gave Piper a bath and that was about it. I decided today would be a good day to attempt my "thing". I didn't have a pattern, so I just went with what it would look like in my head. I got out my sewing machine, found some material and went at it. It only took about 45 minutes to complete and I'm pretty excited to try it out. It my first try, so be gracious.

I call it my "Happy Homemaker Helper"...

It has three pockets in the front and it ties in the back. I did everything myself. I was really proud to finish it. I think I really enjoy sewing and creating things! I'm sure someone, somewhere already makes these, but why not have fun and make my own? I suppose this is why women back in the day wore "house dresses".

(I even modeled it for you!)

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Anonymous said...

You are without a doubt "amazing"! Mom