Sunday, February 18, 2007

Still looking.

It's been almost three months since we've moved to Indiana, PA. I can't believe it's been that long, or that it's only been three months (one or the other...). While somethings are starting to look brighter,( like the friends we made a few weeks ago, frequent trips to Greensburg, the Farmers Market opening in three week) there are still some things that are a continual burden. Our biggest struggle right now? Finding a church.

While we have been living in Indiana for three months, we've actually been in town for four weekends. So, finding a church has been hard. When we're in Morgantown we go to Chestnut Ridge, (which the church where we met and were members before moving to Texas) so it's been nice having some church time. All in all, our church seeking has been fruitless.

We've gone to four churches, all very different. After today, we have grown very fond of the First Baptist Church here. The congregation includes about 15 men and women not under the ago of 75, two young couples and two or three college students. While small and older, this church was indeed the friendliest and most biblical. They wanted something from the Lord and it was Him. They were passionate and prayerful. We appreciated that.

The church we attended today was hard. The congregation, while large with a variety of ages, seemed hard toward God. Were they there because it looked good? Did they come to church today to show their new outfits? Were they listening to God speaking through the pastor? I don't know and I'm not the judge of their hearts. The bulletin professed a loving and caring community and listed all the groups and meetings for the week, but as I was sitting there among fellow believers I felt like an alien being judged for wearing jeans to the contemporary service.

Finding a good church is hard. Not one church is perfect, or even near perfect. I've had issues with all the churches I've attended before. Some big, some small, but perfection is neither mine to claim or theirs. While no one is perfect, there seems to be several things a church CAN do to encourage, love, grow and teach those in attendance. And do it in a way that brings glory and honor to God, that convicts your spirit to know God more and that changes you to be more like Him. It's so very sad that I've not felt any of that yet.

Ah, just another reason to support Patrick's desire to plant a church here.

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Jeannie said...

Mmm, that's no fun...we're not extremely enthusiastic about our current situation, either. Small towns provide slim pickins...