Sunday, April 22, 2007

A few things I've learned

Here are a few things I've learned this weekend about being a tree farmer, as I now am one.

1. Planting trees is a long and tedious process, especially when there are just four people doing it.

2. If all four people work at a good pace, you can plant 750 trees in one day.

3. If your pottipuki doesn't work well, you don't work well.

4. Evergreen seedlings really hurt when you carry them in your arms.

5. Freshly mowed dead grass & briers cause severe cuts on your legs if you roll up your pants.

6. Planting trees involves sacrifice.

7. Planting trees in the cold is horrible, planting them in the blazing sun is just as bad.

8. If you mow a field, the ground is very compacted by the tractor.

9. If the ground is very compacted, it's really hard to plant trees.

10. Using a pottipuki is a great workout. (See picture to the right for a visual of a pottipuki.)

11. When you're planting trees with your husband, it can be good quality time.

12. Drinking lots of water is vital to your ability to plant well. So is sleep.

13. You can eat a big lunch and not worry because you'll burn all the calories off in the afternoon planting!

14. At the end of the day, there is great satisfaction in looking at all the work you've accomplished. (I learned this one from Patrick!)

15. A city girl has to dig through her closet to find work clothes for two work days in a row.

16. A city girl very rarely has clothes she wants to get dirty and gross two days in a row.

17. I am very much a city girl and really didn't think I would need "work" clothes.

18. I don't mind tree farming as much as I thought I would.

19. I would do anything for my husband to be happy. Please see # 1-18

20. There is a lot to learn about tree farming.


theroyalgarcias said...

Haha. Ash, isn't it wild where God leads us!? David and I are really looking forward to visiting you guys on the farm soon. What a cool lifestyle! (If you want to experience the one where you take a train to get to the grocery store, give me a call in a few weeks. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have some of those tall rubber boots, too? Some overalls! I want to see a picture of "Tree Farmer Ashley"!!
Erin C

mama cindy said...

Ah, the little city girl in the middle of a tree farm, I like it!!! Any pictures of this new adventure???

Jeannie said...

i will now implement "pottipuki" or whatever it is, into my everyday vocabulary! thank you!