Tuesday, April 24, 2007

House hunting

Over the last several weeks, Patrick and I have been looking at houses. We've decided to buy a house and then save up big time over the next few years and then build. I'm looking forward to living in a house, rather than a townhouse.

We've seen a lot of houses. Several I've liked and a few Patrick likes. I become much more attached to a house. It is very easy for me to walk into a house and immediately find the potential in this or that. I can easily turn a fix-it-uper into a million dollar home in my mind. Therefore, I end up have a special attachment to most houses and end up very sad when Patrick tells me he didn't like it at all.

We looked for almost a year in Texas before we found the right house (which I miss terribly...). I suppose we knew we wouldn't be there too long, but we certainly didn't know it would only be 11 months. Also, I've found that my criteria and Patrick's differ greatly in finding the right interium home. I want a big kitchen, Patrick wants a big yard. I want to be in the borough, Patrick wants to be closer to the farm. I want to spend some money and fix up a cute, old house and Patrick was to do minimal work.

I guess we'll just have to keep looking. The house we both love is out there, somewhere, and we'll find it! I have to remember to stop longing for what I don't have and start wanting what I do have. Contentment: Age old lesson that's taking me forever to learn.

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Nathan & Sarah said...

Hey Ashley, just wanted to send you a quick note. I'm so sorry we haven't gotten together, although you seem quite busy. Our cell phone numbers changed (412.980.0482). Anyway, I understand the house hunting. Nathan and I have been looking too, but haven't quite found what we like. We ourselves may end up buying a townhouse.
I wish you and Patrick the best of luck, and hope we can get together before too long.

Sarah (Funk)Berry Ann