Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bath time fun

Benjamin loves bath time. Patrick and I are both glad about this. On nights when the babe is fussy, we can just throw him in the bath tub for a while and he's a happy little guy! He is so much fun to watch - slipping and sliding and splashing. I got a few pictures tonight and thought I would share in his cute nakedness :)

Big smiles for bath time!!!
Telling daddy about something and probably throwing a toy or two overboard :)

Teething ring and soapy hair...and those big blue eyes! People, you cannot tell me that this baby does not look like his daddy!
He loves this frog faucet cover...or maybe he just loves the water coming out of it?
Laughing at daddy!
Having fun splashing!

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mama cindy said...

Adorable !!!