Saturday, February 6, 2010

Showers of love and snow...

I love throwing showers. Baby showers, bridal showers. I think I've mentioned this before. It's so much fun for me and I love entertaining and making the mom or bride to be feel so special. I remember all of my showers and know that I want other women to feel as loved and cared for as I did.

With all of this being said, I co-hosted a baby shower for my friend Nancy. She's due March 12 and her sweet baby girl (we just found this out!) could quite possibly share a birthday with my sweet boy! How fun. I've especially enjoyed walking through this time with her because I can relate to exactly where she is! It was a joy to pray for her and with her as she and her husband were trying to get pregnant. Then, what a beautiful thing to pray for, encourage and love on her through her pregnancy.

Opening presents.
More presents!
Playing games...
The favors I made: baby food jars filled with M&M's and topped with cute fabric and ribbon.

Speaking of showers, on another note, we got a lot of snow. I didn't really think we would get much. I've developed a trust issue with meteorologists over the years. I'm sure it began when I was in school and wanted snow days. Either way, I stopped by the grocery store the other night because we ran out of bread and Patrick wanted ice cream. As I was getting my carbs, people were frantic about getting every thing they could. Luckily, the triple chocolate ice cream was still in the freezer and I walked out of Giant Eagle a happy girl.

I digress. We got 19 inches of snow. Whoa! I love snow storms and being "snowed in". I shoveled snow this morning (the Y was closed, so I needed a good workout) and it was impossible to get everything out of the way! By the time Patrick and I were done, the snow pile in our yard was at least four feet high! Either way, it's been a good weekend so far :)

You can see here that the snow is coming up to my knees. Also, you can see the tape measure for accurate measurement.
That's Piper playing the in back yard. In some spots, you could only see his head.
Benjamin playing, not so contently, in the snow.
Taking it all in...
Trying to climb the steps to go back inside. This was a nearly impossible feat with such a bulky snow suit!

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mama cindy said...

Love the baby food jars with the candy. Might have to "borrow" that one at some point.