Monday, March 8, 2010

A better day, indeed

Today was cloudy and rainy in Oklahoma. We had another long day of looking at houses. When our realtor picked us up there were at least 15 houses on the to-do list. Our friends, Troy and Amy (along with little Luke), watched Benjamin for about four hours while we were house hunting. It was soooooo great to be able to stay a bit or run in and out (of houses) without the babe in tow. We're forever grateful for them helping us in this way!

We ruled out a few houses early on (today) because of location. After driving around for the last few days, we've really figured out where we want to live and what's close by. I think it was the fifth house that we both liked, but it was the sixth house that we LOVED!

We had been comparing and going over houses from Saturday and Sunday and nothing was really fitting our bill. We were both starting to get a bit discouraged and so we looked online last night for about two hours in hopes of finding something different. We expanded our search options.

I'm so glad we searched harder! The house we LOVE is on the lower side of the price range we had been looking at! What a great surprise! It's in a great location. It's super cute and has character! It's definitely not a "cookie cutter" house. It has a great backyard and deck, tons of closet space and a kitchen that I like. With four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and 2500 square feet, we can grow into this house well! We put an offer on the house this afternoon and are waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed and lots of prayer!

Here are a few pictures from the website. We're going back in the morning to look again. I'll take some pictures then to get a better idea.

This is the front. It has a red door, which I love. There is a bay window in front. The "siding" is stone and paneling (?).
The kitchen. On the other side of the kitchen is a double oven (!!!), gas range and more cupboards and counter space. The fridge is right there in the left corner and beside the fridge? A desk space and more overhead cupboards! Um, can you say HUGE step up from my current kitchen? Also, the doorway in the picture is to the laundry room.
Looking into the "den". We will most likely use this space as a sitting/playing/game room. There's a fireplace on the left and the kitchen is behind us. The doorway (in the back) leads to the master bedroom. See those built in shelves? The unit on the right is a secret storage area! It opens up. This is where we'll hide in case of a tornado. The doorway to the right leads to the front door.
Whew! You weren't ready for all of that, were you?! Tomorrow is low key for us. More exploring and dinner with friends. Also, we're going to Chesapeake to tour the campus. I'm excited to see where Patrick will be working!

Prayers appreciated! :)


mama cindy said...

How wonderful! I love the that you both like the house. Keeping my fingers crossed!! Love you!

Courtney said...

Love the kitchen! What a blessing a double oven would be for you! And you know I'm a fan of built-in bookshelves. Hope you get it!

Nathan & Sarah said...

it looks great! I'll be praying.

Baby Hancock said...

OH, I love it!!! Congrats on finding something you love...hope they accept your offer!!! I can't wait to start looking for houses again!

Jeannie said...

*sigh* i love the green grass :)

the red door is the clincher!

Morgan said...

the house looks awesome! i hope you get it. you will make it so cute!! good luck!