Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feeling less lost

Today was nice. We drove around A LOT and tried to figure out where we were. We got a good idea of how Edmond works and searched some neighborhoods to see what we liked.

We hit about four open houses and had lunch with Season and Matt. I know them from my summer in Santa Cruz, CA. They have a little girl, Sophie, who is 20 months. Benjamin liked Sophie, but she wasn't too fond of him. I can't blame her, though. He kept trying to play with all of her toys!

I'm so tired and we have so much to talk about. Here are a few pictures from our day.

Playing on the slide to kill time and get out of the car for a bit...
Um. hello, gorgeous baby!
At the park...
Benjamin has been such a great baby during all of this! He smiles and reads us the house info :)
My guys...

Still no house. We're looking at more tomorrow. Oh, and Benjamin slept all night last night! Glory! It was so nice to sleep and he was in a much better mood today.

More on all of this craziness tomorrow!


Jeannie said...

Yipee! Sleeping through the night is such a blessing. Gotta love that one-year mark.

Hey, you'll be on central time! That's groovy. Hope today goes well for ya'll.

p.s. didja see the office last week? THE BIRTH??? Probably my favorite episode of all time. Must discuss.

mama cindy said...

Love the picture of you and Benjamin. His expression is so cute! Glad it was a better day for all of you.