Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday ramblings...

Another weekend is over and here we are waiting for Monday. I have to say, though, that our weekends are usually pretty laid back, do-what-you-want kind of days. We don't have commitments beyond ourselves and our jobs, so what to you do? Whatever you want, of course!

We went to the Old School Bagel Cafe for breakfast Saturday. Yum. Their coffee is pretty good, although I'm sure it's not freshly roasted. Where's the Commonplace when I need it? :) I got a Cranberry Orange Walnut bagel.

After bagels, Patrick dropped me off at the Y so I could Zumba my bagel away (and also the serious amount of mexican food we ate with the Johnson's on Friday night...). After an hour of Zumba, my body felt good (and tired). Then I ran home. It was only a 1.81 mile run, so it was actually the shortest amount I've ran in a while. It was hot. I was sweaty. More than anything, I was thirsty.

We've started going to church on Saturday nights. I like it. There are less people. We feed B before we go and then when we get home, we give the boy a snack and a bath and to bed he goes. Then Patrick and I get to have dinner all alone. Score! Last night, after church and after dinner and after I ran to Target to get ice cream, we watched a movie. Has anyone seen The Blind Side? Loved it. Also, LOVED the Blue Bell flavor of the week (as in, the flavor I picked out to last us this week...doubtful)...ready? Groom's Cake! Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake pieces. Chocolate icing, strawberry syrup and chocolate covered strawberry hearts. Say what?! Please try it.

While we were driving yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that said "Be who you've always wanted to be". That simple statement made me so grateful for grace. I'm so glad that I am who God created me to be and that I made the decision to follow Him. I'm so glad that I'm not who I wanted to be. Because, friends, I use to want to be on SNL and have my own talk show. And Mary Lou Retton. And also a meteorologist, an orthopedic doctor and a food critic. Okay, I would still happily be a food critic.

Oklahoma weather is weird. We thought for sure we were going to get a crazy storm tonight. We did not. It faked us out and I'm terribly sad. We need rain!

Ah well, enough rambling for tonight.


mama cindy said...

and a princess........

We got your rain storms here today, torado warnings in Cheat Lake area, lots of trees down in the whole Morgantown area. Less humid but still hot.

mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

you would have made a very bubbly weather girl.. ;)

Jeannie said...

HAAHA!! I'm laughing at the last comment about you being a weather girl-- I can see it!! I am SOOO dying of jealousy about the Groom's Cake. YOU ARE KILLING ME.

p.s. greg walks around quoting Brian Regan: "This one sells for $800 - keeps all your food cold." He's pretty good.