Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A little bit of catching up...

I just imported 120 pictures into iphoto. And most of them were of really great things...anniversary, baby bumps, raking leaves, Christmas tree hunting. So, in an effort to catch up on these things I will just have to do a post of catching up. I will, in all fairness, save our tree hunting trip for a different post. I mean, that was only five days ago :) Glad I have some hot tea and chocolate on hand!

Ooooook. 12 weeks
Bare belly, 12 weeks...Also, these are great jeans. I got them after I had B. They are Levi's, size 8, I forget the style. So good. Always comfortable. Not yesterday. While they may fit my lower half, the waist is tight. "At 14 weeks??!", you might say. Yes. And that's ok. I wore maternity jeans AND maternity shirt yesterday because I was lazy and didn't want to fuss with my pants the entire time I was running errands. Second pregnancy is much different...in so many ways (ah, another day, another post).
Hot date! Our 6th anniversary! It's really been a fantastic journey so far, I wrote about that a while ago. Need a refresher? Check it out.
Walking to our final destination, I had to snap a shot of Bricktown. This isn't half of it, just the "Riverwalk". You can ride a little boat and learn more about OKC. It's pretty and so sweet.
Melting Pot! Good, long, date! High five to the Johnson's for taking care of B for four hours! Thanks, again. Patrick's such a stud, even in a food coma.
Leaf raking day. This is how B helped Patrick rake. He would grab handfuls of leaves from the pile already made and throw them into a pile he (B) started by a tree...which was where I was.
For the record: Benjamin does not like to be thrown into a leaf pile. Hum. So, now we know.
Oh my soul. His little face and little man outfits get me every time. Love, love, love this boy!
Um. Ahem. Texting. Obviously. Maybe I should not use my phone so much :)
Making noodle soup while momma was cooking...
Aaaaaand 13 weeks. Please note Benjamin pointing to the baby. Sweet boy. When we're in public and he sees/hears a baby he'll say, "momma. baby!" Then he will point to my belly.

This past week, Benjamin's vocabulary has exploded. One day, he just says random, normal 20 month old things. The next day, BAM! "Christmas tree. Piper outside momma. Cook noodle soup please." And tons of other words smashed together. What? And he remembers so much more. It's amazing. I've said it once (or several times, maybe), but I'll say it again: Watching this little man grow and change and develop before my very eyes is one of the greatest blessings and privileges I've ever been given!

Also, I'll be 14 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I'm getting a massage to celebrate. Not really. Well, I am getting a massage. But not to celebrate the second trimester. Although I couldn't be happier it's here. I'm starting to feel a little better and less sick all the time. My good days seem to be more frequent, but I can get pretty nauseous fairly quickly. Such is life.

I see my midwife Thursday and I'm looking forward to that. This waiting all the time stuff is for the birds! We were s.p.o.i.l.e.d when I was pregnant with Benjamin. We heard the heartbeat and saw him more times that I can count. Such is a blessing of a long season of fertility treatments. I will enjoy the blessings of this new season, as difficult as waiting may be, I would much rather only have to do one treatment.

Ok. You are now, pretty much, caught up. I wonder though, is anyone still reading? I feel like my blog hasn't been seeing as much traffic. Maybe I should give it up. Maybe it's not what it once was and needs revamping...thoughts? Anyone....


Luke's Mom said...

Don't you dare give it up!!! I love seeing all the pics and reading more about what you guys are up to (not that I don't already know). Maybe change your background again so it feels more new to you. :)

young wife&mom said...

i still read it faithfully ashley. dont give it up..you are a blessing to others not to mention the blessing of writing for yourself...its like a real life scrabook and journal...you can enjoy forever.
B is so cute--and so glad the pregnancy is going well for you

Courtney said...

Just one thought: don't stop the blog!

Okay, two thoughts...seeing B with your phone reminds me of Austin with my MIL's Ipod touch. Not fair that my two year old is more tech savvy than me! I'll have to post some catch-up pics myself one of these days.