Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SO this is what it's suppose to be like...

When I signed Benjamin up for MDO, I was a little hesitant. Rightly so, I would say. Then three weeks later, I signed up for an 11 week Bible study at our church. That made very good sense in my head.

Fast forward 13 weeks. Hindsight is always 20/20, as they say, and I couldn't agree more. While I loved the study I did and learned a ton, it was so difficult for me to get moving while feeling so awful. I faithfully attended this study, as it fills up quickly and I didn't want to neglect the opportunity God gave me to be in that specific class. However, the last eight classes were so hard to go to. Not because I didn't want to be there, but because physically I could barely handle it.

This only left two short hours to myself before B's school day was over. I took advantage of the time alone as best as possible. BUT TODAY, my friends...It's a new day! Bible study is over and I found myself giddy as I woke up this morning knowing I had 5 1/2 hours alone. Eeeeeeeeeeee! (that is a squeal of delight for those of you who needed interpretation!)

After dropping my sweet boy off at school (which he loves, by the way!), I headed to the YMCA (which is now only called the "Y"...whatever) and worked out for 40 minutes. This may be no big deal to you, but this was the first time I went to the Y and worked out longer than 15 minutes. And an added bonus: I didn't throw up!!! I was pretty excited and I was feeling really good.

Then I headed to Starbucks. I got a breakfast sandwich (second breakfast, if you will) and a chai (oh. if I could have a chai everyday, that would bless my heart! Alas, that would be a lot of money...). I read my bible and worked on my study for a bit. The time alone was blissful. Plus, I'm currently on the last leg of "Jesus: The One and Only", by Beth Moore. I've been so convicted, blessed, encouraged and humbled by this study. I would venture to say that I've never learned more about myself, the Lord or His life so much in one study (and life events along the that helped the lessons). If you're looking for something to work through, I highly recommend it. It's a 90 day study, but well worth the time. (I may do a recap when I'm finished...)

Oh friends, my only planned event for the day was a massage. I am really enjoying the massage therapist I found and she's super sweet. Plus, she gives a killer, relaxing massage. I was so relaxed and it was much needed after the last 14 weeks! I mean laying still, being pampered, all alone, silent - what more could I ask for in my first whole day to myself.

So here I am now blogging, eating chocolate (provided by the massage therapist!), thinking about lunch and a shower. Getting ready to rearrange my kitchen and then maybe I'll go to Target, or just stay at home and watch our Christmas tree twinkle. My options are (somewhat) unlimited.

And, you know what, even after all this time alone I can't help but think about my little boy. I wonder how he's doing and if he napped okay. I look forward to picking him up and listening to him ramble on about his day as we walk to the car. I look forward to his little hugs and sweet smile. This day is refreshing indeed, and I look forward to many more before Beta comes along, but I can't help missing my baby. And that's okay with me.

*Big, deep sigh*

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mama cindy said...

Yeah!! I'm glad that your day was so great!!