Monday, November 15, 2010


November is my favorite month. Several things make it special, but it's the everyday things that make it magical. You know, what's not to love November?

November was the first month I learned to spell. Well, you know, of the long months :) November is always the month I look forward to most. Not December, not March, not July. November. It always brings fall into full swing, wherever I may be. I love the rainy days, the cold nights. I love sweatshirts and football on the weekends. Sure, September and October may have these things too, but not like November. There is the promise of snow and hot chocolate. The anticipation of things to come. And November was the month I longed desperately for as my fiance waited patiently in Texas until our wedding day.

And, of course, November holds my birthday. A celebration of my life being created. A day to enjoy a new year and to reflect on who I've become. November also brings my wedding anniversary. A day to remember the very day we said, "I do" and to laugh at what went wrong, how we don't talk to some of the bridal party, how sweet that first dance was. A day to stand in awe of how we've grown and changed and molded into one - even when we're completely opposite. A day to love God more because of the gift He's given us - one another.

November brings Thanksgiving, one of Patrick's favorites! A reminder of our first Thanksgiving together (in Tortola, with lots of crying!), of Thanksgivings we didn't share and ones we've made together (like with the Reid's in TX when it was so hot! or having family into our home). A day when, whether I like it or not, cranberry sauce is required. A day to spend hours cooking and creating to bless family and friends. A day to give thanks to the Lord for ways He has blessed us over the last year.

Oh, November, you are my favorite month. I feel like when all the world seems a little chaotic or simply overwhelming you, November, can come to my mind and bring with it a little smile: the thought of a cool, rainy day, sharing a meal with those I love, singing Happy Birthday, saying "I do". November stirs in my soul memories that no other month can. And I would have it no other way.

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