Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas parade...

Edmond's Christmas parade was last Thursday night. The city is wonderful at doing family-friendly things all year round! Before the parade started there was a "light up" time in Shannon Miller park at the library. (did you know that Shannon Miller is from Edmond?! Now you do.)

We played and ran around looking at all the lit up soldiers, boxes, trees and snowmen. Luke, and his Aunt Sarah, came with us. Benjamin and Luke has a superb time running and then clapping and singing with the kids choir as they sang!

The parade was pretty short, which was nice. But it was a parade fit for a boy! If there would have been dinosaurs B and Luke would have seen all their favorite things. Plus, I would have been really impressed to see a dinosaur. Especially in a Christmas parade!

There were bands playing "Jingle Bells", which is a favorite around here right now. Horses and carriages. Fire trucks. Army trucks. Old cars. New cars. Bright lights. Needless to say, they enjoyed themselves. And it was so fun to watch Benjamin (and Luke) get so excited!

Luke and Benjamin waiting for the parade to start...

There is Santa, my friends. And the end of the parade, per usual. We hustled out of there pretty fast to beat the traffic. This was a shot on the run :)
I'm so grateful we live in such a fun city!!!

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