Friday, December 3, 2010

The polls are open...

I added a poll on the sidebar of my blog today. I thought it would be fun to see what everyone else thinks about Beta. Our ultrasound is in one month - so you have a month to vote!

The only things I can tell you about Beta and my pregnancy would be the following:
*Beta's heart rate has been around 156 each time we've heard it. Just for comparison, Benjamin's heart rate reached 152 once. Every other time was between 130 and 148.

*This pregnancy has had some similarities to my pregnancy with Benjamin, but it's been much worse and I've had far more differences than similarities. (Here are a few of the differences: become dizzy and lightheaded very easily, more acne, great hair - less hair loss, all day sickness that lasted constantly from 5 1/2 weeks to 13 weeks - now it's less often, I can eat chocolate, I like cheese (which is not normal. I don't like eating cheese all by itself), my chest rarely hurts, more vomiting - that's all I can think of)

*Patrick votes girl because, well, of instinct. But also because he thinks I'm "carrying" differently and that my butt and waist are getting bigger this time around.

*I say boy because the Chinese Gender predictor says it's a boy (I have no motherly instinct about the gender of our children...). Also, because of the few things that have been similar and that's just what I think. :)

Feel free to ask questions so you can make your best guess. And really, this is just for fun! What better way to wait for the unveiling than involving your friends and family?! :)

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Ashley Raudenbush said...

Yay! I love guessing the gender of little babies! As soon as I heard you were expecting again, I immediately thought...Girl. I have no idea why, that's just the first thing I thought.

From my experience, my pregnancies were completely different and I had girls both times. The first, I was sick all the time, got dizzy a lot and carried very high. The second, I maybe had one day of morning sickness, never got dizzy and carried much lower. I was totally shocked when we found out it was another girl, because they were so different.

I hope you are enjoying your second pregnancy. Make sure you take time to rest a's so much harder being pregnant when you have to take care of a toddler too!

Best Wishes!