Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas tree time!

We headed out to a local tree farm on Friday evening. This is the same farm, in fact, where we picked blackberries this summer! It was tough being on such a beautiful farm, with tons of trees, knowing we had to pay for one. It made us miss Indiana and the farm.

This farm was nice. They had a small trailer where you paid for your tree and they served free hot chocolate, apple cider and cookies. Benjamin and I enjoyed that :) We walked through the rows of trees for a little bit before deciding on a pre-chopped fur tree. One tree caught my eye and it was love at first sight :)
(eating a cookie, pre tree hunt...of course!)

We paid, loaded and off we went! Patrick and I decorated the tree after B went to bed. As helpful as he likes to be, he's just a little to distracted to enjoy the decorating. He did, however, hang an ornament that my mom sent us (for 2010). He loved it! And took daddy to the ornaments spot as soon as he got home from work :) Sweet boy.

A gorgeous view...
B giving the tree a high five...
Daddy and B
Family shot.
Momma and B...
Shakee...the device in which your tree is shaken vigorously so all the loose needles will fall off. Brilliant!!!
Our finished product....with most ornaments on the top half of the tree. Only one ornament has been broken so far, we're hoping to keep it that way :)

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