Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow days....

While the weather here in Oklahoma isn't nearly as frightful as our North Eastern homeland, we still love it. Winter has consisted of many incredibly beautiful days. And this year, there hasn't been too much snow.

There are cold days, for sure. But after living through winter in Indiana, PA for three years - I'm a tough cookie (I just get colder faster now). This day (pictured below) was the first snow that we had seen in Oklahoma, but since then there have been a few flurries and a little ice. I thought I would let Benjamin play around outside to see what he thought of snow. I know he doesn't remember any of his first encounters!

So, off he went. And he didn't like it. Maybe it was too cold. Maybe it was because we just finished lunch. I know, for sure, that he did not like one bit that snow was getting stuck to his shoes. It was kind of funny. After a few minutes and a little play time with Piper, he was ready to come in. Someday he may develop a love of snow like his momma and daddy. I think he just needs skis, or a lot of snow, to develop this appreciation :)

This is where I found B after a few minutes. He loves to play in Piper's food and water. But he gets in trouble when caught. Which is why I'm taking the picture from inside the door.
No clue what to do.


See remnants of lunch on his face? He's still cute :)
Playing with his favorite dog.
Still, no clue.
Even if he didn't have a great time, it wore him out a bit! And I had a lot of fun laughing and chuckling at this sweet little boy!


Anonymous said...

J absolutely hated the snow last year, but this year he really likes it. I do think he had to figure out what to do in it!

mama cindy said...

He needs a sled for Piper to pull him on....:)