Wednesday, March 23, 2011

30 down, 10 to go...

I say, loosely, that I have just ten weeks until the end of this pregnancy. I fully expect this little guy to stay in my womb until at least June 9th. And after talking with my midwife last month, he must come out before June 12th. I'm prepared for that.

Either way, I will be the first to tell you that I'm shocked I'm about to say this: The last six weeks have gone by so quickly! That, my friends, is simply the kindness of the Lord. I feel like getting to 30 weeks of pregnancy has taken at least 56. Clearly, when I say things like that, you can see my irrational head in action!

So here is some information for you about where we are in this stage of pregnancy.
*Tomorrow is another midwife appointment. The start every three weeks now, then two, then one, then birth!
*I have only just started thinking that I should get some things ready for myself to take to the hospital. And for Benjamin incase we need to drop him off somewhere. Although, I'm okay waiting a few more weeks for this.
*I have NO clue what the hospital looks like where I'll be delivering. We're trying to get on top of that.
*We did not take birthing classes, but have been catching up a little in a few books.
*I have gained *deep sigh* 28 pounds. My midwife is not excited about this, but she's also very gracious. We live near a Chick-fil-a now, people!!!
*I am tired. Still. All.the.time. Probably because sleeping is not comfortable.
*My sciatic nerve is still a pain, literally.
*I'm still working out. But today I only did 15 minutes on the spin bike and then walked for 5 minutes. I was just so tired.
*Beta's room is painted and the crib is in there. I have great ambitions of washing clothes, once we get a dresser for B. But I did put a lot of clothes into the hamper in his room!
*I bought two boxes of diapers last weekend. Just incase. Newborn and Size 1. You never know about babies when the come out. Do you need little diapers? Is he going to be huge? I don't know. But now, we're safe for at least two days after Beta comes home. :)
*Beta kind of has a name, but doesn't really at all. Patrick still calls him the name he likes. I, on the other hand, randomly yell our four names I like to see if they sound good. No luck yet.

Finally, here are some pictures of me being pregnant. I know you were waiting for that. Because I know you want to see if I look like I'm carrying twins. It's fine. That's why I'm giving you what you want. I apologize now for all the burry pictures.

28 weeks and {something like} 4 days...
Ha. Sucking it in....
And there it is out...
30 weeks, my friends. Hello, belly! And I'm popping my knee. I think that makes my belly go out a little further, don't you? :) {PS - shorts from Target & Tank from ON that were previously mentioned!}
This is what B looks like in the mornings. Ah. I love it. He also found my huge sonic cup of water by the bed. And he drank all of it. That's okay, it was only half full.
30 weeks.
30 weeks...
I had to include this because Patrick is hiding behind pillows. He was ready for bed and only had boxers on. You don't get to see all that because he's my husband and I don't want to share him. So, I made him cover up or move. He covered up...and made faces. I love him.

The end. I will accept comments now on my size. If you say unkind things, that's fine. You're welcome to your opinion, but you might make me cry. I'm just saying....

{And you can see this post from 30 (+ a few days) weeks when I was pregnant with Benjamin....}


Erin said...

You definitely do not look like you're carrying twins. Do you need a picture of me at 30 weeks to make you feel better? Because it would, I promise.

Bethany said...

Wow, you look like a beautiful pregnant woman. Good for you.

John said...

You DO NOT look like you are having twins!!! And, 28 pounds is not that much. Don't they suggest around 35? You have a fantastic looking belly.