Tuesday, March 22, 2011


One time, when I was in Santa Cruz for 10 weeks on a Summer Project with Campus Crusade for Christ, my roomies and I said a lot of funny things. Something Season and Natalie said all the time was, "Are you cereal?" I tell you all of this because that was the summer that I learned that "cereal" has two "e's" and is not spelled c-e-r-a-l. I was, indeed, 22 years old. *hanging my head in shame*

I eat a lot of cereal. I'm a huge sucker for cereal coupons and new cereals. But I don't usually (well at least right now) ear cereal for breakfast. I will, however, eat it for lunch or a snack or dessert. Honestly, I don't always remember loving cereal like this. And it's not a pregnant thing. I probably spend more money on cereal than {almost} anything other thing at the grocery store.

When I went to the grocery store on Sunday I had to make myself walk away from the cereal aisle in Target. Why, you ask? Because they didn't have the cereal I had coupons for and wanted to try. I forced myself away from all other cereals and went to Wal-Mart to hunt for them {and found them. thankyouverymuch}.

I will also tell you that, without looking, I know I have at least seven boxes of cereal in my pantry. Seven! That's insane! I will tell you that I'm currently eating from three of them. The other four, well, they are just sitting there.

One is a box of Kix, which I like, but they are for my little man. The other three I have eaten for breakfast and have then thrown up. Not because they are bad, but because I randomly throw up in the mornings - depending on what and how much I eat. So, they are on hold until I work up the courage to try them again. Or until I'm not pregnant and randomly throw up.

Here are a few of my {current} favorite cereals:
Kashi Berry Blossom *This is a new cereal and coupons.com has a coupon for $1.00 off right now! And I like it.

Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Crunch *Ahem. This is a kid's cereal. Why do I say this? Because the box says, "Cascadian Farms Kid's". I did find a box without the "kid's" on it, so I picked that one up instead. If you sign up for Cascadian Farms email updates, you'll get a $1.00 ANY CF product! Sweet. They also have good jam/jellies. And frozen veggies.

Honey Nut Cheerios *I can eat these babies all.the.time. High five, General Mills for producing a more sugary version of your classic!

Quaker Oatmeal Squares & Cinnamon Life *Either is fine, but I'm currently favoring the squares. I'm also fresh out of either of these cereals because they have not been on sale recently. AND Bob Harper endorses the oatmeal squares. Just that much closer to my dream of The Biggest Loser {Um. Not because I am obese, but because I'm eating something Bob likes...}

There are a lot of cereals I like. In fact, there are a lot of cereals I really love, but I won't buy because they cost a fortune and I can never find coupons for them. That's sad. Not sad, as in, "she's crazy. how sad". But more like, "what a bummer." I felt I needed to define this because I'm writing an entire post {and taking up precious, golden nap time} to tell you about my love of cereal.

I welcome any cereal suggestions. I prefer healthier cereals that taste good and give me things I need. I mean, my folic acid intake {while taking prenatal vitamins} has got to be through the roof! Plus, I don't like super sugary cereals that make the milk taste bad. I don't like milk enough as is, let alone if it takes like bad cereal.

Okay, my cereal rant is over. It's now your turn to rant about your favorite cereal so I can try it.


Erin said...

Uh, I just need to say that if you're going to mention throwing up in your post. Particularly more than once and particularly linked with a food item, a warning would be nice.
I hate throwing up. Pregnancy related or otherwise.
No real thoughts on cereal. Though I do like it. with sugar. and bananas. and yogurt.
continue on.

mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

Basic4... you must try. You will love. If you don't love we can still be friends. But we could be better friends if you love it too!

mama cindy said...

I love cereal too! Cheerios, Frosted Mini Wheats, Frosted Flakes, Honey Bunches of Oats and Oatmeal *Maple-Brown Sugar. I would rather eat mine for supper. Go figure.

Love you

Leigh said...

I don't like milk either but I love cereal, so I was really happy when a friend of mine told me she kept a box of Newman's Own Sweet Enough Wheat Puffs cereal in her desk at work for snacking (sans milk...and better than chips!). Alas, this cereal has been discontinued, but you might want to try another Newman's Own cereal, they're a little sweet but not too sweet. PLUS there are $1.00 coupons right on the website you can print out. http://www.newmansown.com/our_goods.aspx