Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good stuff...

Over at the Girl Talk blog, Carolyn Mahaney and her girls are doing a series on marriage. I totally respect these ladies and are so grateful for the impact their ministry has had on my life! They live {and write} out the gospel in encouraging, practical ways.

The series is called, "Being a Gospel Wife" and it going to go over six things we're called to be as godly wives. This week they have been talking about being your husbands bride. If you've never read Feminine Appeal, this is a great way to get a glimpse into the book as they are adapting most of the discussion from the book.

I read Feminine Appeal the third week of my marriage, and at least three times since. I wish I would make time to read it more regularly. It changed my perspective on marriage and what it means to be a wife. I was so humbled, convicted and changed by the godly advice shared in this book. Plus, it's loaded with scripture since it goes through the seven virtues of a godly wife and mother from Titus 2.

If you need a little marriage encouragement, and who doesn't, head over to the Girl Talk blog and catch up. Be encouraged as we walk on this journey together and strive to bring glory to God and honor to our husbands. I know I certainly can't do it alone!

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