Monday, March 28, 2011

Just another Monday...

I don't know about you, but I don't sleep well. So sometimes when it's time to wake up I either feel really good about the day, or not so great about the day. I wish I could say that every day I'm just so excited to wake up and serve my family and smile and clean my house, but I cannot. Although, I enjoy those things {"smiling is my favorite"...anyone?} I think about myself more than anyone, or anything, else in the mornings.

All that to tell you this: I wasn't super excited about waking up this morning. Patrick is in State College, PA until tomorrow night and I knew that it was just going to be me and B for a long time {or 40 hours. whatever}. And I just didn't feel right. My body was sore, my back was achy. Laying in bed was a good option for today.

But as much as I wanted to lay in bed and let the day just carry on, I cannot do such a thing. My boy was yelling, "momma. where are you? whatareyoudoing?" and Beta was kicking away. Time to get moving! And I'm so glad I did.

We usually go to the YMCA on Monday mornings, but since I wasn't feeling too great we stayed home. At this point in my pregnancy, I'm not doing to push myself too hard. Benjamin was content to play with cars and trucks and trains and climb on things. And then I started cutting up fruits and veggies from the store yesterday.

All of the sudden I had a flashback, an epiphany of sorts: Wait a tick! I vaguely remember doing good homemaker/momma/wife things like this about seven months ago. I like doing these things. There is still some sort of "me" left in my body!!!! Woohoo!!!

So I was going about my cutting and chopping and sharing with my boy and felt pretty good about life. I was also very excited that there was going to be fresh fruit and peppers ready for me to eat whenever I wanted. Benjamin wasn't too whiny. Piper wasn't being too annoying. It was a good time.

Plus, I had already started a load of laundry {which is now folded. thankyouverymuch!} and the dishwasher! We skyped with Patrick for a bit. I called my mom. I talked to Amy. I cleaned up my mess. I played with B. And then we ate lunch. It was like life was happening with or without me and today I chose to be apart of it. In a real, "I feel great about this" way.

And then...nap time. End morning. Nothing tragic. No bad moods. No insane discipline issues. No tears. Sure, not every day is like that - even when I do participate in life. Some days are just plain hard, but today has not been hard.

I firmly believe that the Lord hears my cries, and those who are praying for me {thanks!}, and is caring for me in such sweet way. My heart seems so fragile and tender and weak and weary lately, but God knows better than anyone else how to make it a little lighter, a little more lovely.

And to just go ahead a pat myself on the back: I even took pictures this morning! Benjamin loves taking pictures. Or, well, looking at pictures that I take. So after I took the picture of my handiwork, a Benjamin and Piper photo shoot was inevitable :)

So - 3 pounds of grapes, cleaned. 1 cantaloupe cut up. 2 pounds of strawberries, cleaned and cut. 3 bell peppers sliced for snacking. 3 very ripe bananas cut up to be frozen. A lot of petite bell peppers, sliced and diced for freezing.
Benjamin wanted pictures with Piper.
Piper liked the attention.
Mutual love :)
Clearly NOT how you're suppose to use the table, but very fun nonetheless.
Horray for good days! Now, it only my child would sleep :)

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Luke's Mom said...

So glad that you had a good day! You definitely deserve it. I hope tomorrow is the same and B sleeps like a log tonight.