Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Naming Beta...

I know I've told you that naming children is hard for us. To me, it's the end of the world. To Patrick, it's the name of our child. And somehow I think we both have the same intentions, I'm just a {teeny, tiny} bit more insane about it.

A few weeks ago, we narrowed all of our options (you know, all 18 billion of them) down to four. Four names that could be "the one". Then, we took names we liked but didn't love and made a middle name list. This is incredible progress, people! I hope you're as excited as I am. :)

And several months ago Patrick suggested a name that sounded good, but I wasn't settled on. But that name is in the top four and that is the name that Patrick calls our sweet boy. I, however, still call him Beta. I am just having the hardest time being okay with that name.

Just when I think I'm okay with "the name", something will pop up and I'll think - now that could be it! This is never the case. Unless the name is on the top four list, Patrick does not agree to it. This should make my life a little easier, right?


It makes me feel like I'm being limited. Like Patrick might miss "THE NAME" and I'll give in and then Beta will forever be something he's not. *sigh* You see, I am making this more insane than it should be :)

Just so you may know the boy names that will never end with McBride:
Collin - despite my deepest efforts
Issac - again much effort and pull for this one

I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones that always got a resounding "no". Sometimes, though, I will suggest Collin or Issac again. Even though I know what's good for me, and what's not. If I am nothing else, I am perseverant!

So here I am. Thinking. Wondering. Needing to make Patrick's lunch. Is the name Patrick loves really the name I love, too? What's keeping me from loving it? Well, that's a bad question. I, in all fairness, know what I don't love it right now. It's the nickname issue. But that's another story for another day.

Anyways. Naming a baby is so hard. But, like I was wisely counseled by my sweet friend, once the baby comes out the name is it's name. No one can really say much once the baby is already breathing and moving and being called "THE NAME". Why, though, do people think it's okay to weigh in on the matter while the baby is still in the womb? If I'm sharing the names, it's because I want to say them out loud or I want you to smile and nod. Oh, it doesn't work that way. That's too bad :)

All of this rambling to say, Beta will have a name someday :) He may even have a {permanent} name before month 8. I will then be very impressed with Patrick and myself. I may even give us a *high five*. You know what? I'll give us a *high five* whenever Beta gets a name - even if it's several days after delivery. A conclusion is a conclusion. And this conclusion deserves a big *WE DID IT!*

PS - Is anyone else obsessed with photography blogs? I get sucked in like a cheerio on the floor. I'm trying to stop wasting time looking at random peoples pictures. It's. just. so. hard.


Erin said...

Whatever people think of the name matters not. I can only think of one example where an intervention was truly necessary.
Also...just an interesting, related story.
When we found out about our second baby girl, we had 24 hours to come up with a name. We had no list at the time (we only had boy names, hehe). We came up with Hollis and the grandparents and sister loved it, but we also kinda kept the name "Ruby" in our back pocket. We felt like Ruby is the kind of name that has to fit you, y'know. Not just any girl can pull of the name Ruby. Ruby Mae, at that! (both family names, of course). So our plan was to see her and then decide for sure. But then, when we were on our way to the agency to see her and hold her and take her home for the first time, they called on our cell and asked the name. "Hollis Ann," I said (still with Ruby in the back of my mind). But when we arrived, there was all kinds of paperwork (as you can imagine) and on every page it said, "Hollis Ann". There went that. Then when we saw her...well, yes, she was a Hollis. She is every bit of her name. Maybe she could also have pulled off Ruby, but she's a perfect Happy Hollis!
Thanks for letting me share a memory.
The name will be beautiful. and perfect.

mama cindy said...


The name will happen. If you remember your name was going to be Sheena. And then (while in labor)I heard the name Ashley and that was it. Beta will ahve a name and it will fit him. Please take a deep breath and relax....Kay??? Love you ...to the moon!