Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two things...

Just two things tonight:

1. Today, at the pediatrician, she told me Benjamin should be staying two word sentences. I laughed. And then told her he does not stop talking. She smiled and said, "Good!" Just so we all know, I fully expect Beta to have absolutely no desire to speak until he's eight. Not only will B speak for him, but I'm pretty sure Benjamin got every single verbal gene between Patrick and I :)

2. I am very sincerely glad that Jillian Michaels is a personal trainer and NOT a labor coach. After watching the Biggest Loser (we had to watch it tonight) and listening to her yell, "PUSH! PUSH!! GO! DON'T STOP, PUSH!" I kind of cringed and told Patrick that I'm glad she's not my midwife. I would not want her yelling at me like that when I'm trying to get a baby out. However, I would more than welcome her expertise as I train for my next half marathon :)

That is all.


T@R@ said...

my mom thought tiffany was never going to learn to talk because she would point at things and i would tell mom what she wanted...ha

erin said...

I will try the bubble recipe soon, a good way to use up corn syrup! We go through a lot of bubbles around here!