Sunday, March 13, 2011

An almost two kind of day...

This is the thing, Benjamin is going to be two tomorrow. I kid not, my friends. I'm amazed and so excited and kind of shocked at how quickly two years jumped by. Sure, day to day seemed to creep by sometimes, but two years just showed up.

Since we had family visiting this weekend, we made the most of our time together by doing fun things for B's birthday. I made plans in my head and then worked them out. Everyone was kind enough to go along with me :) I just knew B would love a day of things he enjoyed!

So, I called the local fire station last week and asked if I could bring my going-to-be-2 boy over for a look at the trucks. The lady was so kind and they set up a tour. When we got there Saturday morning, Benjamin was greeted with excitement from the firemen and was given a "junior firefighter" sticker to wear. We toured the station, which was really cool for the six adults in attending, and then headed to the garage. We B saw the trucks, life was perfect. He ran around, "drove" several times and got to shoot a water hose. The fire fighters giving us the tour were so great! Even the adults had a good time!

I think the first words from his mouth were, "Oh. Wow. Fire truck"
Taking B to drive!
Climbing the ladder.
Little family! (PS I'm 28 weeks pregnant here - hey, Beta!)
Driving! After he would get out, we would do something else and then he would ask to drive again.
My little boy!
Spraying the hose. This was also a highlight :) Patrick liked it, too!
This may be the only picture I have of Benjamin looking near me while we were at the fire station. His head was constantly moving! But I'll take what I can get :)
Family picture!

Also, Saturday was the first day of "swim lessons" for B. A friend of mine found out about them, so we signed up together. Um. Benjamin was thrilled, to say the least. He didn't stop moving and kicked the entire 30 minutes! He loved the water and listened pretty well as we were learning things.

Uncle Kent and Aunt Sarah got Benjamin some really awesome gifts. He was so excited to open presents! This T-Rex has been a hit around here since he pulled it out of the bag!

We decided to give B the presents we got for him, too. We got him a tool set, power drill and mini construction trucks. He loves all of it! I can't tell you how awesome it is to see your boy light up at the sight of plastic tools that you picked out because you knew he would love it! He has been building and fixing constantly since.
And finally, we went to Cuppies & Joe. Benjamin has never had an entire cupcake from there and I thought he would like one. Not to mention the cupcakes are incredible and I really wanted to take Kent and Sarah there! We all got cupcakes (and for the full experience, Kent and Sarah got 3 to share. I think this was a good idea)

Benjamin picked out a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing - like father, like son! B ate a few bites and then decided he was done. His self control is something I do not have. Patrick and I shared the rest of his cupcake :)

McBride boys :)
It was a fun day, indeed! Benjamin had a blast all day and even took an awesome three hour nap! I loved doing things with and for Benjamin that he loved. He might not remember it, but I know that he had a really incredible day! And I think we'll have to do something little tomorrow on his actual birthday. It may be a momma/B breakfast date kind of day :)


Jeannie said...

B is one handsome dude! And oh my. You are so pregnant. I love that about you.

young wife&mom said...

happy birthday benjamin! you are a beauitful family and you look great as a pregnant lady:)

mama cindy said...

A fun time was had by all. Love the look on B's face.