Friday, May 6, 2011

A little man...

Most days I don't think much about B growing up. But then there are days when he starts talking in sentences and says, "Okay, mom" to whatever I ask. Then I remember that this two year old isn't going to be little forever.

I love watching him learn and explore. I love hearing his stories - that are made up and pretty creative :) I love that he wants to wear a band-aid on his arm, but has no owie. I love that Benjamin will say, "I love you!" and then give hugs and kisses freely. I love that Benjamin remembers things that I told him about days ago. I love that Benjamin talks in third person and calls himself "Benamen". I love that my boy constantly asks questions and is always curious.

Here are some pictures of the last few days. Mainly, I have nothing else to write about this second. But pictures of my child are always blog worthy and appropriate :)

Benjamin is showing you in the next few pictures that it's okay to read your bible any place you can. Such as...

While watching daddy build a deck (which is on major hold because Patrick hurt his back crazy bad. Could you pray that his pain goes away??!)
While laying on the fireplace...
And while surrounded by pillows...(and friends, we love playing with pillows in this house)
Breakfast time.
Coloring/drawing...a favorite past time.

And today at the Edmond Arts Festival...
Bounce House...(please note the band-aid on his arm...there is not a scratch or anything under that thing. But he will look at it and say, "Oh. band -aid. Momma, Benamen's owie.")
Seeing and touching the pony...although this picture does not show either of those things, he really did touch it :)
Being musically talented :)

And then on our way to the car, a train was going by - so we stopped and watched it. AND we saw two "fire frucks" sitting outside the station while driving home. Can you say BEST DAY EVER for a two year old?! :)

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Lauren said...

The picture of him at breakfast reminds me of the faces of your hubby in pics you post - definitely becoming a little man! What a grace for him to have you as a mom to help him grow into a strong one!!! Can't wait to "see" baby dos!